I play with a Logitech G25 and manual 6 gears shifter.

1 - Why I can't start to move in 2nd gear playing with the cluth? I think this is not real.
2 - If a truck have more than 6 gears, I don't know how I can select 7th or higher.

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Hi there,

We don't actually currently support the Logitech G25 officially on PC, what platform are you playing on?

I play PC, and G25 works fine; ffb, cluth, Wheel, etc...

I configured the wheel in 270º for more realistic experience. Do you support Logitech G27? It's very similar, I think the driver is the same.

Are you planing support G25 officially? It's a high quality system and not very cheap. I think it deserves.

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What about "start in 2nd gear"? I think this is very común in manual trucks with lots of speeds.

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