Stuck in Mission 15

So, I've completed all the objectives in this mission (SPOILERS FOR THOSE NOT THERE YET!!!), taking me over an hour-and-a-half, including closing all the blast doors early on, but now the AI keep spawning new troops in through the closed doors and the final objective '0/2 Eliminate the remaining Dog Soldiers' does not go away, even though I have now killed five times that number :/. Up until now I've only had to deal with AI acting wonky and a few t-posing dead characters here and there after I reload a game after saving and quitting it, but this is a lot worse than that... Like, I want to finish this game, to customize my gang (very weird system, that, to not allow people to customize their personal gangs without playing through a 12+ hour long campaign), but I'm not in the mood to play through this mission yet again...

Wonderful game as for the graphics, sound and combat, you guys an' gals working on it, but geesh... was Bugfixing on the to-do list at all or were you forced to release too early?

Hello Rowan !
Thanks for reporting this issue, can you confirm to me that you reloaded the mission after blocking all the doors ?
One shooting the mission is yet the best advice I can give concerning this, sorry for the inconvenience 😞
Happy to ear you enjoy the game still, moreover, notice that the story mode will provide you some extra customisation assets but you can still create and customise a gang without finishing all the story 🙂

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I just had the same issue.

Played through the mission twice now wasting 4 hours of my life.

I wouldn't mind if i at least knew a workaround or what was causing it.

Please investigate. I have done the campaign so i can unlock the cosmetics for operations. To be blocked on the final mission is a kick in the teeth.

Yes i know i can do operations without the cosmetics, but i didn't just burn through the story in 2 days to then not unlock the cosmetics before i start operations.

Same issue here. I have killed the reinforcements so many times its become annoying

Same issue here (X1), 0/2, even though I kill all 3 reinforcements every turn - they come in through disabled doors even though I disabled them again several times!

And what's with Mikizov only being able to use stims and heal stations through the whole match? 4x stims per turn at the same target.

Bummed about not being able to complete the campaign, but didn't get the skill points for completing story 5 and 10 anyway...

Seriously was this game even tested? Very poor condition, consistent with an alpha test or prelaunch offer.

@Focus-Dodo I have had the same issue, and I have tried saving and reloading the mission. If I restart it, and play through, it gives me the same problem of "0/2 eliminate all remaining dog soldiers" and if I save the game and reload mid battle, it gives me that AND it lists "set up an ambush" as a uncompleted objective which I also cannot do once the battle starts...

I had same thing happen, but went back and closed each door a second time while killing any enemy that respawned. Took a long time though.

Same issue. 'Set up ambush' is unticked, and eliminate dog soldiers at 0/2. More enemies continue to spawn through closed doors endlessly. I have restarted the game since closing the final door.

Seriously? Gating multiplayer content is bad enough, turning a campaign I would normally enjoy at leisure into a gruelling slog to get through ASAP to unlock the content. But then to have the entire grind bug out at the very end?

Has anyone been able to complete after restarting the mission? I don't have the strength to redo if it's just going to break again.

Having the same issue, bit of a pain as I don't always get alot of time to play and since having it from release finally got to the end of the campaign.

I can tell you I closed all blast doors in the spawning side of the map, 2nd turn back left locked down and third turn the back right were locked down. All blast doors were sealed, went on to clear up the stragglers and power down the electricity for the archeotech. All mission objectives ticked off including optional objectives.

Then was stuck with 0/2 left to kill but no matter how many I killed and if I managed to kill them all more would just keep spawning.

In the end it seems like sealing the blast doors doesn't actually prevent reinforcements and the mission does not recognise the deaths of the original gangers and just keeps producing more.

Same thing here. Cannot finish the mission because they keep spawning at blocked doors 😞
Please fix this asap!

i actually had this issue but got around it by leaving 1 door as the last objective. played on pc.

@Jagen i was able to get past this bug after i did the objectives in a certain order.

locking all the doors except the 4 opposite where you start
take out leaders
then lock the last 4 doors
killed off everyone else

also did the optional but dont think that matters

Hi everyone,

As Dodo said, it's important to know if you reloaded your Chapter 15 save.
Unfortunately, it is a known issue that reloading the save will reset the 'lock doors' objective and will softlock the game.
Devs are working on it, but currently the best option we can give you is to do the last chapter without quitting the game, as it won't trigger the issue.

Sorry guys for the inconvenience 😞

I had the same issue after loading. I went through and re-locked all the doors, killed the guys left, and it finished the game. I hope this helps.

I didn't intentionally save and reset my game, but the stability issues caused the game to crash 4x during the final mission causing it to bug out and be un-finishable.

I think it's important to see how these issues compound each other. Because the game is prone to crash frequently, it's likely that a player will have to reload, thus causing this bug.