Operation mission bug?

Hi there,

I have been getting really into the custom gang area of Necromunda and recently got my first operation for arc tech, i am currently in round 5 and am about to win but when it goes to one of the NPC's turns he uses something called a cyro gas capsule or something like that and then just doesn't do anything after that almost like he is frozen. Is there a way to force end its turn or do i have to forfeit the match to continue? i hope not the later as i have been doing so good 😞


Probably a bug where the game "froze" (possibly a deadlock, whatever...)

Just save the game and reload. You'll probably have to redo some actions, but you shouldn't have to forfeit the mission (there is an autosave at the beggining of each turn, or activation, can't remember)

Alt+F4, then re load the game and continue the mission. It will start from the last time someone finished a turn.

Yeah I have been reloading but sadly this NPC is at the start of the round haha so he goes first and just freezes, could maybe keep reloading and see if he does something different but he is persistent on using that cyro gas.

Still no luck my gang is now stuck in limbo 😢

Hi there, sorry to hear about that.

Not ideal, but here are two little workarounds we found, in wait for an upcoming fix:

  • You can wait for the AI to end its turn. How weird it can sounds, in some cases the AI will wait REALLY long before endin its turn, but it will always do. So you shold wait for a few minutes for it to let you play
  • If you reload your save, enemy will sometimes choose another action pattern and won't do the same, letting you play faster (I wouldn't recommend this one, as it is pretty random and could be way longer than first option

In any case, we're truly sorry that you had such inconveniences with the game 😞
Devs are working their best to solve those issues and your reports are great help, thanks a lot for this! 🙏