"No Target" bug

I'm trying to shoot at enemy gangers, with an Autocannon (range 50m). I've a higher elevation than my enemy, and the line of sight is very clear between my target an my ganger. The target is 40m away, and yet, I have "no target". There are three other targets near the first one, every one of them in range too, and none of them attackable. How come ?

Screenshot for your appreciation: Screenshot of the situation

I'd gladly have taken another screenshot to show where I was exactly (on the edge of a catwalk, no handrail or anything to hinder the shoot), but when I tried to cancel the order selection, with a right-click, I got a crash to desktop...
I'll send the relevant crash info, saves, call stack, etc, on the support mail address, as 1.4MB seems too "heavy" to upload here.

Hello Kzwix !

It seems, according to the screenshot, that the ennemy you are targetting hasn't be deployed yet 👀
After the deployment phase, fighters are greyed so you see where they are going to spawn, but you won't be able to attack them until they didn't play their first turn.
Hope it helps !

Ok, yep, I had gathered as much from other problems. This explains the unability to fire. I'd say we can close this thread, then (however, I still find this game mechanic to be undesirable - and not only because it's poorly (if at all) documented).

I have posted another thread about this, and hope it can be modified - especially if the community feels the same way.