Gangers "untargettable" before they acted at least once ?

I've reported several problems (one about inability to shoot at enemies, other about skills applying only to the user, instead of being able to target other "legal" targets), and it occurs to me that I've pretty much always noted these problems on my first turn (mostly because that's when I try and use the buffs which last until the end of the mission)...

So, it would explain a lot if it was due to gangers being untargettable before they've acted at least once, despite them being present on the map. Is that the case ?

If it is the case, I think this behavior is problematic, and should be changed, for the following reasons:

  • It makes no sense to count an already positioned ganger as "not yet here". I mean, if the ganger is not yet here, it should enter later, just as it is in some missions where you get one ganger per turn.
  • It prevents players from using group buffs as intended. Suppose you activate your leader first, and want to give orders, or send a chem, whatever. It doesn't work, only the leader gets the buff.
  • It penalizes the player having the initiative. Initiative is lowered when you use more powerful weapons, and hence, having high initiative should be a "good" thing. Now, if by playing first, in a face to face, it means you have no targets, whereas the one playing second has one (and is able to unload its ordnance on it), then it means the lower initiative is advantaged.

I understand wanting to protect a group spawn against "nade" (or any AoE) spamming, but, then again, if a player places all his/her gangers tightly grouped, it's a choice. There are usually several entry points, and splitting targets works very well. Also, one can use high-init units first to further improve one's chance to "split" targets before being showered with grenades.

I'm not sure this post should be in the technical forum, but... as it seems linked to the "bugs" on some actions, I'll write it here. Please feel free to move it to a more appropriate section, if needed.