Online 1v1 Skirmish Froze After Throwing Confusion Grenade

Currently in a 1v1 skirmish online.
Threw a confusion grenade down to an enemy that hadn't spawned yet, with 00:26 left on my turn, then the game froze.
The only control that works is the Tab mission status screen. No other inputs do anything. Clock isn't ticking. Can't even use Esc to exit the match. Had to Alt+F4 out.

Log shows:
[2020.09.10-06.49.48:005][111]LogNecroSkill: Error: [Client] : Cannot select item_management because one is already running : cons_offensive_04

Happened to me as well. Tried coop for some compstomp matches. Every single time one of us threw a grenade the game crashed.