MudRunner Speedrunning?

Hey guys, just wondering if there's anyone on these forums that is interested in speedruns in MudRunner? I recently put together a strategy that allowed me to complete "The Bog" on Hardcore in under 13 minutes, and I'm currently working on an improved strategy that, with proper execution, should allow me to finish the level about 60 seconds faster. Here's a link to my first speedrun attempt on The Bog, for those interested:

I know that MudRunner and speedrunning don't exactly go hand in hand, but I've always been the type of guy to try and play games in less than conventional ways. I'd love to meet a few people on here that share the same desire to bend and break these levels in the fastest way possible.

@oh-trials while i do not speedrun myself. i have done a few, but not quite that fast lol.

there are quite a few players that do. in fact there are YT vids showcasing speedruns. so there is a segment of the community that does engage in it.

pretty cool you have gotten the time down so much and curious to see if you can better it. never really thought about it till now, but i dig the idea of an "informal competition" for speedruns.

@8up-local I couldn't find much on Youtube for MudRunner speedruns, other than a Russian fella who completed a few hardcore mode runs on some of the other maps. Do you have links to any other vids for MudRunner speedruns?

I have already managed to get my time down to about 12:05, but I don't want to post the video with my new method until I've got the time down below the 12 minute mark 😉

@oh-trials i can not think of the channel names sorry. i have a bad habit of just randomly searching and watching vids, but not paying attention to what channels they are. i can say they were not actual speedruns like you are doing, but more completing maps as fast as they could really. still they seemed to have decent times i thought. around the 15-20mins mark was about average from what i remember.

@8up-local No problem. Maybe if I'm lucky one of them will chime in on this thread. 🙂

I m not a huge fan of doing speedrun in MudRunner but sometimes it hapen anyway because you are really used to do the map,i have no video but we can do some run if you want 🙂

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Been speedrunning in OldTires, but times has changed and I can't give it too much time for research. MudRunner certainly would enjoy speedruns - seeing the time gap between "fast" and "usual" plays may give people strong emotions, like seeing "Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy" done under 3 (three) minutes.

Hopefully tonight I'll have a run posted for The Island map. I've been planning my route and technique on that map for about a week now and think I've come up with the best solution. Now it all comes down to execution...

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