[Solved]What is going on with my camera?

I really have no idea why this is happening. game have worked prefectly ok all the time.
I haven't changed anything from yesterday when i played it for a few hours..
(EDIT: Well except for the obvious-added a new map with an abundance of extra crap)
(Video is with and without spintiresmod and with Xbone controller on and off)
Youtube Video

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Had that exact problem. Solution was to delete the contents of the "cameras" folder in tour Mudrunner directory.

@mexican_420 What the??? That fixed it! I didnt even know or notice there was a classes\cameras folder. godammit. Silly maps with a million folders ..
Thanks đź•Š

No prob. I was gonna post a link to the thread where I asked the same thing, to give credit to whoever told me about the fix, but that would've taken much longer than just typing out the fix like I did ... hehe

@mexican_420 haha, yeah. Usually easier to just type it out instead of digging up links 🙂

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