How do people actually like this game?

Please don't start a war I'm just giving my opinion

I don't understand how people like this game
It's just weird
The game it self is quite slow

And i like SP shooters but this one is just not my thing

I'm not going to refund it because there is no reason the game it self is quite cheap
but can you please give me your opinion on why you like it

And don't talk about "mods" please

personally i love this game because of the reasons below:

-this game is the middle ground between complete milsim and arcade shooter

-forced class-based matches means that each team will function the same way

-dynamic gunplay, wanna play long range? get a 2x scope, wanna play short range? ditch the sights, wanna play mid-range? get some decent optics

-snipers, support, breacher, demolitions, riflemen actually have their own purpose (not all running around like cod)

-the MASSIVE punishement for being stupid. you always have the dilemma between peeking an angle or not, you always have the risk of taking the full consequence of moving between cover, if you get pinned down, bet back and find another way, or throw nades and clear the defender out

-the community, i really liked csgo, but the community doesnt do justice for that game, this game (although a relatively small playerbase) is often very humble, they just get back from work to school and just try to have fun

-point system for equipment means balance because nobody would get the full OP version of the gun, they have to get equipments for their needed playstyle and have to ditch something less important in order to get something more important, it's always sacrifice something for the greater good

-even when teammates dont use voice comms, they seemingly play teamwork automatically, if you request smoke they'll use them, if you request sniper fire then snipers would try to move to that position, if you request supressing fire then people would supress the area, request rpg they'll shoot it, basically very few are seflish people who are just looking to get kills

-the high damage model effectively makes it a non-run and gun game, if you get shot with 7.62 AP round, goodbye you

-the high explosive splash damage area make them extra useful, but comes at a cost of extra supply points that could take up your foregrip or armor

-suppression mechanics, your character will panic if there's bullets flying near your head (messed up aim etc)

It's a wonderful game. The only one I play anymore. I can't find anything about it present in other games.

Alilolo already mentioned most of the points. It's one of the few shooter I don't get angry after some time because of some strange arcade damage model. Get hit 1-2 times, you're dead. Also I like the atmosphere in game. Example:

You try to capture point A in a house. You're alone as your other teammates try to hold B. Bunch of enemies push onto you to stop you from capturing. You get 2 of them and you are not sure if you have enough bullets left. You just know it's not empty.
Do you reload and set yourself in a vulnerable situation for a moment? You decide to stay with your current mag.
You hear steps. A moment later an enemy peeks around a corner, you counter fire. Click. Shit, mag is empty. You try to pull your pistol but he peeks faster and you're down.

Such moments are awesome. It's not like other games where you run around like Rambo while eating one bullet after another. You are always one good shoot away from "dying".

Also such mechanics like flash lights or lasers. In dark maps you'll be seen faster with a flash on but you can also blinden your enemy in CQB with it. Same with laser. You can more accuratly aim from your hip but the enemy can see your laser dot and might know your position.

I mean everybody has another taste. For me this game is the ultimate competitive and at the same time totally fun experience since it was a mod.
Oh and it runs nativly on Linux which is great too 😄

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