you are using the players as beta testers!

In 2020 l was looking forward to 3 games: Cyberpunk, Vampire bloodlines 2 and Necromunda.
l love the setting, even though l have never played any tabletop Warhammer40k games. l also love this particular game genre, liked mortheim, even though l hate fantasy settings, which made me want necromunda so much more.

But you make it very hard to enjoy this game. After so many bugs and some crashes, l sat looking at the homescreen, not wanting to quit, but not wanting to play, either.
So l clicked CREDITS.
All l could think was:
Technical director and lead programmer: you fxxked up, and AI programmer, you fxxked up big time. Designer and artists you're good people. Quality assurance, the whole department fxxked up. CEO, you too, fxxked up...

And l fxxked up buying this game unpatched full price. You should at least do it hello games style and keep working on it and giving the DLCs for free.

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Entirely agree, especially your last point. I haven't heard anything about paid DLC but I hope it will be released for free or at the very least dirt cheap. I still like the game since I'm a huge 40k nut, but every crash, every major bug and every time I have to restart a mission after 40 minutes play it gets harder and harder to come back.

I get the impression that release date pressure came to bear. It’s evident the game is not fully tested, but I would have much rather had no crashes and good single player AI/experience, then wait 6 months for online. A classic case of 90% of everything and 100% of nothing.

And that is a real shame. The game has MASSIVE depth to it, gorgeous scenery and lovely movement (when do the team skin this back to make Mordheim 2 please?!!!) but my PS4 crashes at least every hour of play. I’ve even had to reinstall as the save file became corrupted trying to start the second operation.

I'm making a wild guess, but I'm pretty sure DLC is planned. Isn't selling additional stuff in Games Workshop's DNA?

But seriously: Mordheim had 4 default faction, 2 came as DLC along with some single special units.
Necromunda now has 3 default houses out of 6 main houses. One of them, House Cawdor, is already mentioned in a loading screen.

Yeah, I can’t play any of the gangs that I created at this point. The game crashes or freezes every time i try to start an operation. Guess I’m waiting for the next patch?

@ThisSucks said in you are using the players as beta testers!:

xked up buying this game un

I am not even a warhammer fan the game just reminded me of the things that made xcom enjoyable on ps4 and which was a great game but no one ever bothered to release more content for it sadly and was the entire reason i bought its turn based strategy shooters are a huge untapped market I litterly know dozens upon dozens of people that if the game had ever expanded the polished finish and they released proper dlc regularly would have paid as much for it and played it as frequently as league of legends and world of warcraft however the xcom team never bothered then went a completely different route with xcom3 aka chimera squad.

I picked the game up purely because it got a good review from someone else I know who streams content 3 days after i bought the content his response was why did I bother and he had the same comments I love the idea of what the game is trying to do but they completely s*** the bed on it. Honestly if they dont fix the auto save causing corrupted data and making players lose there entire progress by the end of next week I would not be suprised to see playstation start giving refunds and pull the game off the store all together they did that to a free to play game for marvel a while back you cant even download it anymore. The company went under after 90% of there player base asked for refunds play station gave everyone who asked a refund on the game and pulled it from the play station store company is no longer allowed to release content on play station ever again. They get angery fast if a company releases a poorly designed product.

If they dont fix it i with in the week I would file a complaint with playstation before they pull the game and you cant play it or and your waiting 3 months to get a refund. 2 weeks would be the top amount of time id wait to file one.

@vault0381 its been 10 days already. By monday it will be 13 and I dont expect them to do anything during the weekend.

Might as well ask for the refund now honestly, unless you want to play it for a few more days...

it might be good to file it within a 14-day window

I was denied a refund on Xbox, was anyone able to get a refund on Xbox?

I was refused one for PS4 but I went full Karen and asked for my complaint to be escalated to a manager and now their investigating it further, which I hope means reading this forum and actually playing the game.

They said I can't get a refund if I used or consumed the game, didn't understand what they meant by consume.


it's streaming or downloading and accessing the content.

imagine it was food: once opened and/or partially eaten there is no refund.

unless it was already rotten (faulty) at the time of purchase or the faults were hidden or the item could never have been put to the intended use in the first place.

in other words: necromunda

Thanks for explaining that, not sure why they couldn't just say ''no refund because you played the game''

I played the game and got a refund from Microsoft for Xbox One. It was in the first 10 days though. Don't know if that is important

For steam you can get a refund no question within 2 hours of play. But generally speaking I find that you need more then that to find out if its fautly (barring the cases where games cant even be played at all and such)

I seem to remember a lot of people who were complaining about the delay and demanding gameplay videos - they didn't want to wait. I can't help but wonder how many of those people are the same ones complaining about the bugs.
Yes, it sucks, but buying a video game sight unseen is never a good idea.

@HeadHunter67 true, but expecting at least a polished and non-broken mess of a game shouldnt be unrealastic...