PC game breaker (too many leaders)

I promoted a 2nd ganger in my active crew to leader thinking I could transfer it to a reserve crew, then found no way to make the transfer. Now my active gang doesn't have a valid crew. It seems the only way out is to lay off the extra leader.

There needs to be a way to swap gangers between crews. It should be a button on the fighter management screen next to the lay off/rename/promote buttons.

Hi there!

There are actually ways to move a fighter from Gang to Crew or inverse. What platform are you playing on?

Here is the way to do it on PC (same method on consoles, but button differs):

  • By right clicking one of your fighters, you open it's 'fighter options' menu
  • Here, you have two buttons: Res.1 and Res.2, corresponding to your two reserve teams
  • By clicking it, you move the fighter to the selected reserve

If you go to the reserve, you will see your fighter is not part of your active crew anymore.

Moreover, when on a reserve crew, you can see there is a button in the upper right corner called 'Make Active'. It allows you to change the entire active crew with the reserve crew you're currently looking at.

Hope it will help you!