PS 4 Version of the Game Currently Unplayable

This may not even get approved to add but I attempted to add the post to another forum rather than create a seperate topic for it but basically I looked at purchasing this on steam for pc or on ps4 and since i knew more people who would be into playing it on ps4 i went with the ps4 version of the game.

The game should never have been released in its current state having a forced autosave file that when the game bugs which happens about every 2 hours your playing it most of the time. Was the stupidest thing a development team could ever do no offense to the development team but guys really thought that one out well who ever originally came up with that idea should never be allowed to pass on ideas again.

Alpha tester feedback should have relayed that. It should have never gone to closed beta before it was resolved even whoever let that happen again should never be put in charge of anything ever again if they worked for the company I worked for you'd be fired for that kind of thing. Not to be rude priority1 should be removing the auto save because basically right now the game is unplayable on ps4 due to file corruption from the autosave.

120 hours of game play since I bought the game I havent cleared story mode in 15 attempts the game has cashed and reset all my progress 15 times or more. Once whatever twice sure ok accidents by the third time I was getting pretty upset its lucky at the point i decided to come on here and complain about it that I am not swearing like a sailor. I managed to get all the way to chapter 12 for the 2nd time last night and I had given up on story mode to do operations again cause i was really fed up with losing all my progress but was like hey it has not bugged out in a while maybe everything is fixed no bugs all the way to chapter 12 I was like yay its fixed...chapter 12 crash your file is corrupted you just lost all your gang creation data and all your progress in story mode. Like seriously I am tempted to go to play station itself and demand a refund. If its not fixed I just might do that because the game is unplayable from the 70+ error reports I am sure they would agree with it and make the company refund it if nothing is done very quickly. And even if you don't want to show you guys care about the people telling you this its not hard to go post it on the play station forums where a moderator wont remove it.

Hello, we're aware that many of you encountered many issues with the game and we're sorry about it.
That's why we're here, to try to gather as much info as possible to fix the problems you issued.
Devs are working hard to correct them and we're grateful to ayone here that help us to do so.

Once again, all we can say is that we're truly sorry for the inconveniences it caused you.