If this game had honest marketing. Satire and review!

Welcome to Necromunda Underhive Wars! A game that crashes more often than not, gets practically no support and will have you pissed and playing something else in no time!

Were you waiting for a faithful rendition of the beloved board game from games workshop? You know, the one that was made in the 80s, has millions of games played and still gets played to this day by new and old players alike because the gameplay is great. Well too bad, this broken, bare bones reimagining will confuse and frustrate you to the point of wondering how the lead gameplay designers aren't all working at Starbucks.

If its the unnecessary changes to real Necromunda, the broken AI, the broken armor and damage system in general, overly simplified hack and forth game mechanics, frustrating freezing, crashes, save corruptions, or graphic glitching.

No? Then surely it will be the slow feeling of being taken for $40 that creeps on you right after refunds are not possible that will have you chewing your own tongue into chunky paste and gargling it in your throat to get the taste of yet another Warhammer money grab out of your mouth. So bring your hard earned dollars down here and get in on the "fun", we can't wait to take advantage of your childhood and give you a crashing, cluelessly over simplified version of the video game that will be lucky to see one post release patch and then be tossed aside by the company! Because your dumb and can't tell the difference can you?

Brought to you by the sweeet team that is about to take your money:
Rogue Factor and Focus Home Interactive

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