My 1.8 Breakaway CTE Feedback.

Hello and thanks for CTE job.I love it what all you wanna present to us!I hope you can understand what I'm describing.Because im from china and my english not so well or professional:D
And i found about some issues with weapons.
First of all,the FamasF1 will gets so many problems of view when you zoom in and zoom out.For example when you use the MasterKey with F1.You will find the bolt or trigger moved with your camera.Seems like the bone(or called biped in 3dsmax)of bolt is bound to camera instead of weapon itself.
Second,when you use grenade launcher with F1,just press M to see character's model.You will find their left arm jamed with some reason.
And when you use the 1.5x scope(Or some scope with large model) with Grenade Launcher you will find the scope blocked the sight of Launcher's Aiming.
Third,when you use the point shooting grip with F1(in fact i found the issues in every weapons which can use this grip.),when you press G you will find the camera zoom as strange as it be.(i dont know whether it just be what it need be).

Now its about AugA3.For the first,when you use the7x scope with Aug.Your scope will turns invisible when you aiming some location(I tried this in Shooting Range when you aim the flowers or buildings).And finally i found the reason why it happends.Because the camera is completely parallel to the interface and the scope's model too large to completely displayed.

The most prominent problems all happend with POINT SHOOTING GRIP(i called it PSGrip after this).I thought because of the camera changed of what it does.You will see the finger overlap in some weapon(Like GreaseGun,SCAR-H or some weapon height more higher than it should does)
And when you use shotgun with PSGrip.Your will find the 12G shell stay with your camera.M870's shell on left screen.And Toz's on right of screen.

There is a huge problem of underbarrel shotguns,especially M26mass.When you use it with M16a4 or M4a1,when you change the mag of M26mass, you will find the fact that you reload the mag is from m16/m4 itself!The mag of M26mass did nothingXD

M24's front rail sometimes disappeared when you use laser sight.
With new grips and underbarrel shotguns,these feels amazing but it caused many bugs.It will take a time to fix the texture or model.

Ahh all of that is what I found when I tried for an hour.Im will play CTE tomorrow again.

Just one more thing.I was enthusiastic at the first announcement of Breakaway.And i hope what i described not bother you guys so much.
I love this game and i love insurgency since it just Source Engine.I hope you all doing well and take care yourself health.A healthy body is the motivation to solve problems!

When you fast reload with the masterkey, the mag on the real gun is reloaded instead.
Dunno if that's intended as to fast reload the masterkey doesn't really make sense.
Also if you tried ADS your shotgun you will see a shell float along the aim-down animation sequence. That's probably a bug that the FOV is wide enough to see the cached slug model entity for reload (well I use 100 FOV).
AUG is way too OP and it's like the same laser gun from COD. This need to be nerfed to accommodate realism as well

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