I think I can speak confidently for most here that is that this radio silence is not filling anyone here with confidence.

Here is so far all of the questions being asked.

  1. A rough time on the patch.
  2. Will there be compensation for our lost time and progress?
  3. Is there plans to add classes?
  4. Will more customization be released down the track?
  5. What gangs are planned for release?
  6. Will autosave be removed and replaced also the stupid profile deletion?

Thanks in advance.

I just want to know if they finally learned not to dumb down games workshop games because some rich git in a suit thought it would be a better experience to simplify the rules. When the game your making already has millions of fans that know how to play. That executive (or whole team) needs to be fired immediately.

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Seriously what kind of prat thought it would be a good idea to take most of the strategy out of this title? Bollocks

Just lost my 4500 gang so clocks ticking focus for a response.

They don't even read their own fucking forums so I don't know why we should be expecting anything from them.

wanna feel even more uncomfortable? look at the homepage of the developer,
that is a dire site for a software developer and it's been ages since it was updated.

they are still looking for a senior programmer, and considering the duties listed, they never found one.

on the other hand, updating their homepage should not be top priority right now.

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Honestly, some replies would be the least I believe. In its current state the game can be unplayable. The list of bugs and glitches being reported is obscene.

It all reeks of 2 companies that simple don't care about their playerbase.

4 days and not one reply I think it's safe to say they are not fixing it anytime soon if at all so sorry to say but bye lads was looking forward to playing against you guys butI'll be giving it a miss for now and spend the cash elsewhere.

Tried to find support. Via Microsoft Store, had a link for it that was 404. Focus, you guys seem like real dodgy scammers at this rate looking at everything to do with this games problems, or you're using fans as beta testers for an unfinished game... Or both?


Thanks for posting. We understand the frustration and apologize for the technical issues many players have been experiencing.

If it can give you a bit more light about how it works: Focus' QA team is spending a lot of time here, on Steam and Discord, with the help of the CM team, to gather info and chat with players to get detailed reports and logs. Then everything is compiled into a common document, used by the team at Rogue Factor to develop fixes.

It takes time to reproduce and fix issues, and then each update candidate has to be checked by the QA team as well, to make sure a fix doesn't introduce new issues. The team at Rogue Factor is busy working on what's gathered here by Focus' team. We all hope to arrive with a clear date on an update soon, but until that, all we can tell you is the truth: the team is working hard on all the reports posted here, and, as explained in our first and second community updates since release, we'll share more visibility asap.

We're also evaluating if corrupted saves are possible to fix, but nothing certain for now on that front.

There are plans for more content but the goal right now is to fix as many technical issues as possible to let players enjoy already available gangs, classes and modes.

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While its ok to post on steam, i didnt buy it on steam, i bought it on ps4 and so you should be making those posts to us HERE

@lordsmorg said in PLEASE GIVE US SOME ANSWERS:

While its ok to post on steam, i didnt buy it on steam, i bought it on ps4 and so you should be making those posts to us HERE

Hi, you're definitely right. The second community update was posted on this forum as well, and the next ones will be as well.

It was the same, when snowrunner had been released. I think it's focus' fault.

@lordsmorg said in PLEASE GIVE US SOME ANSWERS:

@Netheos where?


@Jellyfoosh said in Sharpen your skills with the Tips Trailer!:

As explained in our community update last week, we have been watching and implementing the feedback we received from the community, with our immediate priority being to fix technical issues players have been experiencing.

Here is what the team is working on in priority:

  • Fixing blocking issues and crashes to improve stability.
  • Fixing corrupted saves. Some of you have reported save corruption issues. if you did, make sure to send us a report to help the team to work on a fix.
  • Fixing various technical issues reported in the last days.

The level of the AI and its speed is a big topic as well. We're investigating what can be done on that front for now and we'll share more info about that later.


most of these bugs must have been known to rogue and focus at the time of the release because they obviously can not be missed on this scale. I found my first two bugs right after starting mission one, plus other inconviniences, like font size or colours (green on green and tiny as well, wtf?)

saying the time it takes to release the bug fixes is due to the time it takes to compile the bug reports by players is a big fat lie.

a day one patch is always dirty, because then the product sold is faulty, but at the current state it would have been a dream.

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Known issues at the time of release have been posted in this forum here. Rogue Factor is a small team, and we're working hard with them to relay player reports and feedback, but it takes time to analyse and develop fix without creating new bugs.

The team is giving everything to fix most of the issues, and we hope for a quick update as much as you.

so, more than one patch, maybe?

One for the things rogue always knew about (like: you can't properly play)
Another one for easy fixes (like fonts)
And new ones for the bugs that really just now are surfacing.

When will there be anything except for the Statement that work is done right now by a small team?

I bought this game half a month ago, when can I expect it to work?
The answer should be half a month ago.

Will there be any compensation?

@Xemanas thank you for the message, Ihope its with sincerity however, im honestly surprised a game was released this buggy, I'm sure i speak for most of the fanbase too. But, i will give the benefit of the doubt, just please hurry, my toilet cant all these hot pockets and bottles of mountain dew while i very patiently wait in anticipation.

P.S. You guys need to seriously add ash waste nomads to the roster for new teams, nothing opened a tin of ass whooping baked beans like them.