JFC Patch the game already!

It's been 10 days. TEN DAYS, since you said "we're aware of issues and working on them."

  1. Patch the game TODAY! 9.18.20
  2. Stop posting advertising videos UNTIL you've patched the game and it's once again playable.
  3. Apologize to the community for releasing before it was actually ready and using the players as beta testers.
  4. Actually fucking support this game instead of abandoning ship like you did with Mordheim.
  5. Start supporting Mordheim again.
  6. Fulfill the potential this game has by just fucking properly supporting it.
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Well said. Not patching the game knowing it’s unplayable and continuing to sell it seems beyond dishonest.

Even the lack of communication about a date when a patch will be available. This has to be record breaking for a bugged game

This is now day eleven. Patch the game

On PlayStation every time I load a new Operation when it gets to the select Infamy screen the game crashes. EVERY TIME.

Day twelve. Patch the fucking game.

This is day thirteen. Still no patch or update of a patch.

It has now been fourteen days, two weeks. Where the fuck is the patch?!

Fix your fucking game

Fifteen. Fifteen days. Do you all just not care about your product?

OMG... 15 whole days... give it a rest! They have said they’re working on it, so we just need a little patience.

And yes, i am aware that we shouldn’t need this to the extent we do, the game is a mess and pretty much unplayable right now. So the solution is either give up on it or wait patiently for a fix, your choice, but the constant attitude and childish entitlement isn’t helping anyone.

@kalamazoo123 I appreciate your response, however I will not give it a rest. It's been 15 days since they said they were working on it, not done it came out, not since the issues started. Patience ended a week ago. Tell me, when have you ever been okay with a company failing something for fifteen days? Imagine if Google was down for fifteen days, imagine if your paycheck was delayed fifteen days, etc.

There's no "entitlement" in how I'm reacting. We paid for (what we expected to be) a working product. This is far from it. We have been "told" they're working on it, but have not received ANY updates since; no time line, no expectation, nothing.

So I'll continue beating this dead horse until they either fix it and apologize for how egregiously they fucked up, offer a refund, something, anything besides dead air and continued false advertising (which thankfully this far that has stopped, but I fully expect it to pick back up before any resolution happens).

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Wanting a working product in exchange for your hard earned money isn’t exactly childish entitlement.

From the Focus investor website,
“For its 2019/20 fiscal year, Focus Home Interactive posted revenues of €142.8 million, an increase of 13% in comparison with 2018/19. “

142.8 million but can’t put out a remotely working game at release, just let that sink in. This isn’t a boo hoo they’re working so hard situation, they could have easily invested the money necessary to properly finish the project on time and to an acceptable standard, but they didn’t, and they took your money without a second thought.

If you bought anything else at all and it was this broken you would take it immediately back to the store for your money back, why should a digital game be any different.

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation based on something at an equivalent value, a steak dinner at £35

If you went to a restaurant and the waiter brought you fries and peppercorn sauce but when you asked where your steak was said;
“we’re very sorry but the chiefs working really hard on getting that steak to you”
would you not ask the waiter where your food was pretty regularly?
Would not expect to be updated on the status of your meal?
Or even be offered a free round of drinks or dessert on the house as a gesture of good will?

How long would you wait for some basic customer service?

15 days still no Steak.

They’ve got their 142.8 million euro a year and you’ve got a completely unusable game.

And today makes sixteen days. Nothing. What the fuck Focus!

Yeah at this point they should be working on some sort of global refund solution. It was a risk to release the game unfinished and it just didn't work. I get it. Clients shouldn't let it go. Focus should...

And don't underestimate the damage you are doing to your logo. All this negative publicity that gets out online everyday that people wait.

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There's finally something... sort of. A beta for Steam of the patch... still using your players as beta testers...

Do better.

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I don't see why this is a surprise to anyone. After they jumped ship and abandoned Mordheim with no warning, this is par for course.

They haven't patched it 'cause they haven't been able to fix it. If they can't figure out what is causing the issue, they can't write an update to correct it.

Just request a refund, leave a negative review on the platform you purchased it, and when it inevitably goes on sale for bargain-basement desperation money grabs, pick it up for 75% off.


there is the main problem: if a refund was easy, everybody would do it.

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Its actually not that hard for ps4 10 day wait however. - submitted already for time being. There are a dozen companies went under for releasing games in the state this is in. Rather than fix the bugs and not replying so last laugh will end up on our end and with baulders gate 3 released in 2 weeks timing works out on getting something in a functioning state. Like the idea of making the save controllable should have been an all hands on deck fix and making sure the game can read save files should have been done before it was released.

I tried to get a refund from Microsoft and was told no. This game and company are trash. I'll never spend a penny on anything they make again.