Ideas for new guns (based on the existing weapons)

i feel in the game there's a lack of snipers, more precisely mag fed snipers, there's a lot to mention here: the MSR, M98 Bravo, Sv98, M40a3... there is a lot of them and i feel it would be better than having to use the existing M24, because if you think about it, we only have the M24 + Mosin and of course the .50 cals, so what if we wanted a middle ground sniper rifle that is mag fed but without the over the top recoil of the .50 cals, again just a thought.
also an area which i feel is pretty lacking is the SMGs class, it seems to not be getting any love for some reason, and with the recent addition of Tell (which is more focused on up close CQB combat) it becomes apparent that the game lacks variety in the SMG class, quite ironic considering the Rifle class is very saturated atm, again in this class there is a lot to mention but to keep it simple i'll stick with the obvious ones: A FUCKING UMP45, MPX, MX4/CX4 Storm maybe?, Aug 9mm, MP9, Kriss Vector (unlikely but just a thought), and a lot more....
i just thought i'd share these thoughts i had since the release of Op. Breakaway on the CTE, since i noticed the Rifles were getting all the love and the devs forgot about the other classes

I agree, but I have another idea, the game needs to add more dynamics, that is, make the movements more sharp and aiming faster, and snipers, on the contrary, leave this smoothness, well, add more weapons, it is very small