@De_Dude said in Xbox omg the bugs, fix em:


Yes i downloaded the patch and you are going in the right direction. But with that said i get crashes in operations i dont see a patern to the crashes sometime its during gameplay other times its loading maps or when you finish a map and other times its in the hideout. During the 4hour gameplay yesterday i had 6 crashes

The AI well, yeah you know. Ill give you that its doesnt get cought in the terrain as much any more but its still dumb as dogshit. Solocharging a group of melee fighters or kneeling i the open surrounded by my rangeunits.

And ive got a question about the infamy point for the story missions. The nine points i lost in the bug reported in start of this thread, how do i get them back? Ive played the story again but im not geting the points the rest of the infamy points reset so to speek but not that part. Im i wasteing my time trying to get those back?

Plus you did not the awnser the question about what our sallary as betatesters is?

Careful my friend, if you rattle their cages to much they won't even address you ;-P

They wouldn't touch the refund questions with a 20 foot pole so I doubt you'll get anything on your beta tester questions hahaha, they only answer the softball ones, keep asking questions though man, just handle them with the kiddie gloves 😉 but keep the pressure up, we shouldn't be expected to let someone shit in our hands and then thank them for the opportunity