Hello? Anyone here? The game just got sold on sale at Steam, and I already regret buying it.

I am on "EASY" yet the enemies grow and grow up to 400 points.

My income per turn is Never above 100, often lower.

No matter how many times I 'buy" a ship to add to a fleet, THOSE SHIPS Never Never Never appear!!

WHAT THE FKKKKKK??????????????

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Screaming and smashing furniture here in frustration.

Imperium "Easy" setting.

Game takes hours to launch then takes forever to load anything.
Game freezes up constantly. Steam file check says it is fine. It is not.
I vastly exceed the stated required specs to play this game.

In other games, I can click the Escape key and skip stupid things
like the Ads for the developer studio, and the animations between missions.
Yes, I am aware, holding down the spacebar accelerates the 'movies'. I am talkinig about
Where Do I Find the Skip Everything button/ ?

ESC should automatically skip
everything, by default.

No matter how much I invest in upgrading planets, my income never goes
above maybe 100 per turn. W T F ?

No matter how many times I "buy" ships to add, they Never Show Up in the fleet!

It seems as if to get additional ships, I have to go to another system and build
an entirely new fleet? That makes no sense.

My fleet fist numbers never go beyond at max around 200, while the enemies grow in the
blink of an eye to 400 and beyond. How, exactly? What exact thing is the enemy'
doing that I am not?

The chaos and eldar ships are able to race around the board
as if I were frozen in place. They are always out of range, and always impossible to catch.
Why should the only way to beat them be to have to lose some ships?

Every time a "mission" is announced, it is physically impossbile to move to that
location, the route is blocked by ten 400 plus ships that my guys can't possibly
even remotely defeat.

After I go to a system with a mission, why can't I do the mission, and then leave?
I'm frozen in place.
I did the mission, took HUGE damage, which I can't repair,
and until I play the Combat with the enemies stationed there, I can't leave.
Makes No Sense. And ruins the game. Totally.
How can I change this aspect of the game, permanently?

Doesn't matter that you can "retreat" because it takes sixteen hours to do,
and you die before you can leave. How do you Choose WHERE to retreat TO?

where, EXACTLY are things explained, shown? For example, before a battle,
there is some kind of "arrange fleet order" button.
No matter what I do inside that menu, nothing changes, I am forced to
go into battle with ships that the computer has chosen, not the ones I WANT.

why do all chaos and eldar and other ships fire every two seconds, while my
Imperial ships only fire every fifteen minutes?

Where is it explained in excruciating detail how to know where your arc of fire is?
Enemy ships appear to be able to fire at any angle, constantly. W T F

There are buttons showing some kind of "distance to fire" but WHERE is that shown on the map? How the FKKKK can I know how far away a target is?

How do you set the game so that you have actual human input and choice as a player, rather than being forced into a boring frustrating "there is only one exact obscure microscopic precise solution, and if you deviate or use your imagination, you LOSE the hours of real life time you invested in the game."

If I wanted to be bored and frustrated by that kind of a-hole thing, I would just
go onto Ebay and buy a Rubik's cube.

Fun is not trying a million things until the Single solution works.
Fun is, "hey, use your personal style and your individual path to victory!"

At some point, a leader turns out to be a traitor and Spire is promoted.
The new leader, Inquisitor guy is the biggest Dbag Ahole.
I want to be able to say EFFF YOU to this guy, and follow my own judgement.
I hate his condescending / threats.
In fact, where is the option to physically attack this Inquisitor guy?

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