Incoming losses for Rogue Factor and Focus Home. How to avoid in the future!

Intentionally released a crashing, unfinished game for $40 with no way of getting it fixed before it fades into obscurity?

Good job!

Short sight by the leads at Focus and Rogue since this IP has a built in player base, you currently are holding this and other licenses attached to the overlying Games Workshop IP and you've just pissed off most of those fans.

With that said you've got some clean up to do with NUHW, the Focus executive teams and those of Rogue Factor as well that were attached to it. Established companies like Games Workshop will drop you if it feels your losing money and cant release titles that at least function. So lets look at a hard reality for this game and the companies that produced it.

Unfortunately NUHW will probably be an overall loss at this point. And hopefully executive teams will be let go for mishandling of productions, timelines, budgets etc. Same goes for the leads at Rogue Factor, who probably should also lose their jobs for the same reason. They deserve it, if you were hired to do a job and were unable to deliver on that promise, you get fired. End of discussion.

This may sound harsh but this is how businesses improve or at least survive when they find a short coming or a loss. Complacency in times of turmoil is not acceptable in business and can hurt a lot of employees, ownership and their families if further mismanaged. I would encourage any shareholders, board members or top level executives of Focus home interactive or Rogue Factor or any company that just lost a ton of money to consider this.

If Rogue had just quit pretending its system is better than the source material and made the table top into a video game the project could have saved a bunch of money and time from the gate. The fan base would have been way more accepting of a title with some issues since it would be the product that we actually want. And as a result of this, you would be making more money and i would be asking where to buy more races and monster types like i still do with Blood Bowl 11 years later instead of stating the obvious **** ups that could hurt your client's trust of your products for years.

Thank you for your time

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I can only imagine they feared their timeslot fading.

Cyberpunk, next-gen consoles , whatever. Maybe Rogue knew it was still shitty but Focus rushed it out anyway. Maybe Rogue promised to deliver a clean game on time and Focus believed it blindly, because they were to busy acquiring Deck 13 in june and coming up with a cool power point presentation to lure investors, while forgetting, the real investors are the customers. I'd love to know why this shit happened.

look, there was a shareholder meeting yesterday! this might contain some real e-mail adresses for complaints, other than this place.

Your post is 95% feelings, opinion and entitlement, with 5% actual factual information.

@shaw815 you are, in fact, entitled to receive a working product in exchange for your money. Entitlement in the context you mean is someone who feels that they are to be treated specially because of their perceived social status which is not applicable in this situation.

@shaw815 have you ever heard of fair trade and business?