persistent loadouts problem

PLEASE give me some WORKING instructions to once and for all solve this problem.
I already have turned off steam cloud synchronisation

this problem is driving me nuts

For example, I want to make an M4 loadout in a game of domination. (ingame)

1 having presently selected another loadout with mp5, I press plus and then give the name: M4
2 I change the loadout
3 I click save the loadout
4 I play with my m4 loadout
5 I switcht to another loadout
6 I want to change back to my newly made M4 loadout

Lo and behold, the m4 loadout is actually just a copy of my MP5 loadout, no changes were saved. Even though i CLICKED SAVE LOADOUT. This should just work, people. Whether it be a fresh slot, or an overwrite.

When I try to do it from the menu, my loadouts aren't even here.

Customize > Loadouts > versus

Only default loadouts are shown, Rifleman, Breacher etc.

Also, from the menu, some options are absent. For example Kobra Sight is available when I try to customize in a game, but not from the main menu

How is this STILL a problem. I played months ago, then I come back, still not fixed. I'm sorry to be so pissed but I just am.

this same question was posted to steam forums here

I just bought this game and I'm having the same problem. I did some research and came across the steam cloud synchronization thing, turned it off and they still won't save. How is this even an issue in 2020? This is basic FPS stuff.

It sounds like the problems been around for a while now. I just want to play the game without having to make a loadout every time I enter a match.

I login today and ALL my achievement, weapons, and costumes... are all gone . inthe community dashboard I can see then... but NOT in the gaming CONSOLE ... PLEASE HELP! I use even $$ dollars to purchased items.. for the Loadout .... now All have been reset in the customization!

I can understand how frustrating some of these loadout issues are. It's a bit complicated for it to "Keep/Stick" your loadout.

The best way I know how to get it to stay is when you select the weapons, attachments, and gear that you want for a "NEW" setup, you must go to the " + " and Name your kit. If you wish to save over an existing kit (such as changing an optic) you can rename it as the same one you had before. It will ask if you wish to Rewrite over the last one. Then it will be saved permanently

hope this helped!