DLC/update ideas
  1. All standard house gangs Delaque, Cawdor etc.. I would personally like to see out school outlander gangs especially Scavvies and Spryers

  2. Updated weapon visuals and more varied weaponry. levelled weapons are ok but they should look different, making 5 types of sword or axe shouldn’t be that hard. I hate that you can’t tell the difference between two weapons when one is doing twice the damage (I want my “master crafted” weapons to look the part). Give us some visuals to go with levelled weapons. Also ultra rare weapons, like a combiweapon, a chain axe or some sort or heavier armour. Right now the armour is Rock Paper Scissors and one isn’t better than the other. I’d love to play for something like a heavy suit of armour that outclasses the standard mesh, flak etc

  3. Scenarios. Two old school scenarios we loved playing on tabletop were “the caravan” it was to stop a moving transport which was heavily guarded (we played with enforcers guarding it) but contained great loot. The other was “the dread” it was rules for fighting against an ancient dreadnaught, real fun scenario to be up against a hulking machine that you had to blow chunks off to do any real damage, massive casualties were common but the experience for killing it would be crazy.

  4. Further visual customisation options. A big part of the Necromunda universe was how unique each gang looked on the table top. When I have 5 gang members and go up against another gang when they are only about 5 hairstyles to chose from we are going to look very similar apart from different colours... would like an add on to add some more customisation options to the look of the gangs.

  5. Rate trade chart. I find there is very little to spend credits on. Before my game crashed I had a fully kitted out 8 man Gang and 4K to spare. I want to have the option to use the old “rate trade chart” you randomly sent fighters to look for something you couldn’t normally buy in the store. Say Needle pistol. Unique gear like a forcefield etc... let’s get a bit of that into the game. Getting a level 5 auto pistol over a level 4 one doesn’t feel the same as getting some new type of gun not in the standard store.

Id be happy at this point for a working game. Armor doesnt seem to work at all. I would love for them to give us some info on how anything is calculated. Guns are horribly samey effect/damage wise. Cool levels though

Also i need a way to skip or turn off pit brawl. It is like eating glass and requires far less strategy

Those are some cool ideas. For me, I would go with almost all quality of life, like a search/filter inventory (at base) function.

Balance by team value would be cool. Not sure how it would be accomplished. Maybe some one time skills or random bonus consumables used for free on the low tv team.

Some randomization to the maps would be nice. Not procedural, but just sometimes an elevator or zip line is damaged. Sometimes a wall is blown out. Even a little change like that would break up the monotony vs AI.

The current version of the Tabletop game has some cool stuff worth looking at.
As well as new takes on Escher, Goliath, Orlock, Van Saar, Cawdor, Delaque, and Enforcers, with new types of fighters available to each, including "Pets".

There's now the Corpse Grinder Cult, a gang of Khorne worshipping cannabalistic cultists mostly armed with chain axes.
Also rules for other cults, including Genestealer Cults.

There's also the Venator Packs, they're bands of Bounty Hunters in pursuit of a bounty.

And the escaped Ogryn Slave Gang.

You might also be interested in the Ambots, which can be a hazard of the Underhive.

Plus there's going to be the Guilders.

New gangs of course. Dangerous plants and animals random (like wondering monsters from d & d). Spice up maps with random elements. Bounty hunters/special characters.

Mini story missions like Mordheim. Specific objectives, loosely tied together story. Gives a sense of progression beyond level 10. Maxed out armor and weapons. Now what?

Need end game content.

New gangs are cool feature of course, but I would personally prefer they add/fix some things in “vanilla” game and no I m not talking about bugs and broken mechanics.

  1. Variety. I agree with the author of this topic, When my bangers use level V las pistol its looks the same as level I. I want to see how my gang evolve from pathetic and weak to strong and deadly not only stat numbers wise but visually as well.
    Solution. Simple example, lv I axe would look like just a rusted tube with sharp object tied to it. Lv V axe would look like a polished power axe without “power”. Unleash your inner Ork Mek Boss developers! It’s under hive, it could look like anything.

  2. Variety II. Your artists did a great job of making so beautiful, so different and so atmospheric maps and yet there is only two mission types (in operations): gather resources in 6 rounds and/or kill all other enemy gang members. And you usually always pick gather resources mission since there’s no point in picking the other, resource reward wise. So the game becomes annoyingly frustrating and repetitive “kill all of the dudes pick up some crates”. Even in Mordheim you had some variety, poor variety but still, kill and loot certain person, steal enemy icon and, you had Natural strong daemons that would attack anyone...
    Solution. Spoiler alert! During campaign walkthrough your missions have some variety: set an ambush for enemy gang, be ambushed by enemy gang, melee dog fight in small arena, get codes from specific enemy gangers and disable gas tanks, shut down doors before enemy reinforcements arrive. Why not use those mechanics for operation missions.

  3. Weapons/Lore/Bionics. It will be a long one. Weapons, I wouldn’t say that there’s a ton of different weapons but there is enough for the start (I want a freaking huge Eviscerators for my Goliath gangers!!! Rip and tear!!!!), but I see some issues lore and stat wise. I have a lot of issues with different weapons in the game but here is my main ones. Plasma weapons, lore wise plasma weapons are very deadly, dangerous and rare weapons in 40k warhammer world. 5 men of elite human defenders, space marine squad, supplied by the best mechanics forge worlds, would carry ONE plasma gun. But in game you can obtain them quite easily, have all your gang members hung like a Christmas tree with them. They are not as deadly and dangerous as you would imagine aswell. Your standard ensue lv V lasgun have base damage of 88 and your “rare and deadly” lv V plasma gun 47 with the flat 25% armour penetration (AP) damage bonus it would be 58..... whaaaaat? And yes there’s heating mechanics, if you shoot it 5-6 times it would deal approx 70-80 damage + AP. When your “dangerous” plasma gun overheat it doesnt kill you with explosion like it should, lore wise, it’s just jam. All above can be applied to all plasma weapons.
    Solution. Make plasma gun deadly rare and dangerous. High risk high reward weapon. With two fire modes, regular, same as now, it heats - its jams and overheat, it have bonus damage but can explode and stun/do damage/kill its user.
    Power/Chain swords/mauls. Power weapons, same issue with rarity as plasma weapons. Some stats for regular 15 ap attack. lv V Power sword base damage 47+AP regular sword 52, chain sword 54+2bleed. You would think that chain sword is a winner choice but don’t forget that you need to “reload” it. So in longer fights your base sword is better than power or chain variant.
    Solution. Make Power swords/mauls much more deadly and rare. Chain swords should be either more deadly or have it “ammo” mechanics removed to stand out.
    Bionics. It’s simple, now in order to get bionic arm/ leg your ganger needs to be put of action during mission and get special injury, so if you play accurate and always win you won’t get any of that shiny stuff. I think that Iron Hands space marine chapter is disappointed.
    Solution. Make bionics possible to buy in market. If possible, make levels of bionics same as weapons with visual differences. Lv I is rusty base industrial prosthetic with -5% chance to hit penalty, lv V is shiny power arm with +15% chance to hit and +10% damage for melee attack bonus.

I have a lot more suggestions to improve this game, lore and gameplay wise but I already wrote too much words.

PS hope some one will actually read all of this.

I'd like to see some of the really hazardous zones give a few-day-long injury or debuff to recover from. Give me a reason to have (effectively) some juves. They loot those acid leaking batteries for me so my A Team doesn't get sick for a week with radiation poisoning. Also, some missions with the xcom wotc mutator "low profile." Put an occasional TV cap so I have another reason to keep some lower level recruits 🙂