Xbox One X - officially unplayable, dead game at load screen - Edit 09/27

EDIT: Game let me back in todayu. Seems if i make my Xbox Offline, it cures some crashes and such.

So when I load the game it gets to the point where the random ganger is sitting on the bench. The "press any button" option comes up and when I do, nothing happens. I've quit the game, rebooted, etc, but I cannot get l past the load screen. It just sits for hours on that screen with no menu.
I did like it so far, but guess I'm done until a patch comes out. Cant play a game that wont load.

I have 2 gangs, ones almost 4k in rating the other is 2k, but stuck in a game where the last enemy sank through the floor and each turn he activates he falls further downward. I had reloaded the game hoping that would fix it, but alas, it did not...

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Forfeit the mission will fix that you will take a loss but at least you wont lose the entire content of the gang. But its pretty much busted all over.

The only work around for all the bugs that I have found so far is to only launch the game and play in offline mode. I lost 3 gangs due to save corruption but the gang I created and exclusively play offline is still going strong without any operations bugs so far. I hope that this helps until the devs can get a patch out. I had pre-ordered and predownloaded the game so I did a reinstall also before finding this "fix". Not sure if this effected anything but it's worth a shot.

Tried this offline 'fix', with the skirmish between the operations. It worked between the first and second operation, but I can't start the 3th. I don't know if there's something to do with how many Infamy points I had.
Now I'm stuck waiting for the patch, since I'm in no mood to start the 9th gang to be able to play an operation.