BUG REPORT: Area of Effect for Support Consumables Inaccurate

Playing on PC, in Operations mode, on any map. Bug is 100% repeatable.

The green circle which displays the area of effect of support consumables is highly inaccurate. Targets, both friendly and enemy, outside of the displayed area of effect by several meters and not highlighted are still affected.

All images re-uploaded to imgur: https://imgur.com/a/D5RbNRG

PHOTO 1: A Goliath ganger (just over the right shoulder of my Saboteur) has grabbed two containers and is attempting to extract with them. He has activated Iron Will and several other defensive abilities, and will escape on his next turn if not stopped. My Brawler is next to him, but needs his buffs removed to be able to kill him in one round. As the photo displays, she is massively buffed with Chem Synth, Roidstim, Slaught, and others - four pages of buffs in total.

PHOTO 2: I aim my Null-Nade to rebound off the column and land at the Goliath's feet and down a few steps, as shown. The Goliath is clearly highlighted and within the area of effect. My Brawler is clearly outside the area of effect by at least 2m, and not highlighted.

PHOTO 3: I throw the Null-Nade, and all buffs are removed from both the Goliath AND my brawler, despite her not being within the displayed area of effect.

PHOTO 4: Checking my brawler's buff page confirms that all of her buffs are removed as well.

This bug is not limited to Null-Nades. It is entirely possible to Chem-Synth enemy brawlers who charge your spawn area on turn 1, despite being absolutely positive they are not within the displayed area of effect.

Roidstims and Slaught don't grow on trees, and nobody likes buffing their enemy when the UI assures them they will not - please fix. 🙂

Also, there's no actual grenade in her hand, and that makes me a sad panda.

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Thank you for your report, we will investigate and report to the devs so they can fix that out!