BUG REPORT: Training Grounds not working properly for Orlock Gangs

I am playing on PC, in Operations mode. Map is irrelevant; I am recruiting between missions. Bug is 100% repeatable FOR ORLOCK GANGS ONLY.

Photo String: https://imgur.com/a/sLcGU5F

The Training Grounds is not working for Orlock Gangs. This bug does not happen for my Goliath or Escher Gangs.

PHOTO 1: You can clearly see my gang has the Training Grounds, which reduces the cost of recruiting a ganger by 20%.

PHOTO 2: I am attempting to recruit a Dead Eye Champion Ganger, which would normally cost 2,500 guilder credits. Less 20% after the Training Ground discount gives a total cost of 2,000 credits.

PHOTO 3: The discount has been applied and the cost of the ganger is displayed as 2,000 credits, but the system will not let me hire the ganger, despite the fact that I have 2,398 credits. It says I do not have enough credits because, despite what is displayed, it still thinks the cost is 2,500 credits. I cannot click the button and cannot hire the ganger.

PHOTO 4: After selling some junk and returning to the screen, I can now hire the ganger because I have 2,623 credits; 123 more than the undiscounted price of 2,500 credits.

PHOTO 5: And after all that nonsense, it still only actually charged me 2,000 credits. As you can see the ganger is now in my reserve and I have 623 credits remaining. The game simply refused to allow me to actually hire the fighter until I had more than the original price of 2,500 credits.

Hi Scout80913, sorry about this and thank you for your report.

This issue has been reported to devs, thanks for your help 🙂