lay mechanic original weapon permanently lost

PS4 Operation in between matches. Looking at weapons for lay mechanic for orlock gang. Came with rock drill arm weapon. Equipped a saw blade thrower and now the rock drill is gone from inventory so can't switch it back.

Hello, thanks for reaching out!

I have two questions in order to try to help you better:

  • Lay-Mech's default weapon is not Rock Drill, did you equip it by yourself or hired a more experienced fighter?
  • You said it's gone from the inventory, but unequipped weapons go directly into the stash, did you check here?

Hope we can sort this out, we'll try to reproduce this on our side and address it to the devs!
Thank you for your report 🙂

It was not a purchased fighter as it was after the 2nd match of a random starter gang. May not have been rock drill but was definitely melee as I built the character for all melee and was sad that saw thrower was range. Original weapon was level 1 for sure and saw thrower was level 2 from what I remember. Equipped it assuming I could switch back which I attempted to do immediately. I could not find the original weapon anywhere. Inventory, stash, the weapon equip menus, the buyback area of the store. I didn't start a match untill I was sure it was nowhere to be found, but have played one since. Hope that helps.