Patch 10 TELEHANDLER PTS PC Handling

You must create a UNIQUE UI for this vehicle.

Esc, Esc, V between each set of movements and V scroll down to operate, 4, and then a very precise set of circumstances exist ~ now a little congratulations here, it is looking very promising, however, it's totally unusable.

Fork lifts move fluidly whilst performing all the additional tasks, it's not possible to properly load a cargo, we are locked of controls, like brake, handbrake accelerator ~ these function must NOT be muted for this vehicle ~ a totally new hud has to exist for this alone ~ it has to be in load mode all the time.

If you can't do it, just turn it into a crane, Space/Connect/nearest cargo.

In the training centre the ground is sloped, when one switches to drive mode the fork glitch and start to dig into the ground.

It did not glitch into the cargo ~ so that's good! Ye are getting very precise and technical and it'll totally transform FarmSim very soon and ye can command the highest price for it.

But no one is going to use it with this three phase HUD control to engage and three phase HUD control to just CHANGE MODE. I cannot emphasis how important getting full flow, full control.

And a small but important point the HUD is actually labeled Down/Up and the Buttons are Up/Down ~~~~~


Yeah, after ruining my keyboard by typing a PHD thesis to operate a dammn telehandler, the mission does not finish.

Suggestion: If you are on PC (sorry XBOX/PS4 users), allow WASD hack to move the telehandler itself as well as RT FG CV keys for operation of the telehandlers three axes.

And why the hell do you allow assigning a "module 4 button" for wheel users, which EXACTLY is active when you go to function menu, operate, hitting the only option "4" then .....

I am really not a UI expert, but thats plain SHIT.

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@JTT said in Patch 10 TELEHANDLER PTS PC Handling:

I am really not a UI expert, but thats plain SHIT.

Sold my telehandlers. They are brilliant, but extremely useless ~ I've actually pushed cargo onto trailers and loading bays easier.