TH357 operation is too troublesome(10.0)

This vehicle must be in the parking state to enable the secondary sub-menu to operate the lift arm, This setting makes it impossible to make common operations in reality. Why not refer to the operation method of the farming simulator?
It is recommended to redo the secondary sub-menu and add steering and low-speed forward and backward functions in addition to the current functions. There are many key combinations available on the handle, which is much more convenient than the sub-menu setting.

i Hate that thing unusable in its current state

At least on PC it should be possible to drive while operating the crane since fork keybinds don't occupy WASD. Driving is the only way to move the fork sideways and currently switching between drving mode and fork mode takes 3 clicks/button presses, which is horrible.

Maybe that will be added, but as a rule the forks are adjustable in their distance and can also be moved left and right and in parallel, hence the hydraulic cylinders.
SnowRunner Forklift 1.jpg