I just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to patch 10 but I just wanted to point out a few details about the KRS 58 Bandit given that this game is an off road simulator and I aspire to help this game be a polished as possible. My only issue is that the fuel capacity of the KRS 58 Bandit is off from what rough specs I could find, it list the total fuel capacity at 500l ( https://ru.all.biz/en/pavlovs-all-terrain-vehicle-g4837148) and I know this amount is unrealistic to the scale of the game but the specs sheet lists the fuel tank from a KAMAZ ( https://kamazexport.com/trucks/all-wheel-drive/) and the average fuel tank of a KAMAZ is 210l of fuel so it wouldn't be out of this world to make the Bandit fuel capacity 200l and that would put it on par with other decent off road trucks such as the ANK MK38, AZOV 5319, and International Paystar 5070 and at the same time give us another top tier truck to throw into the mix. Thanks for hearing me out and keep the great work.