SEVERAL FLAWS ARE COMING TO LIFE. and my impressions thus far

2 slot scout trailer wood recovery task. connected it to a winch trailer exploded across the map

oil recovery task for c70 truck: delivered 2 barrels would not allow me to unload , c70 wheels 20ft in the air get to close it exploded and launched across the map

1st half of first contract mission. completed trigger wont recognise it wont release second half or acknowledge completion.

random scout fuel trailer i left as a fuel point . drove by it it exploded and disappeared.

any vehicle you leave sit anywhere wheels either go 20ft in the air or the trucks lost there lift kit , you get close and they explode back into shape. usually causing damage

2nd map recover titan mission completed dropped at trigger reward payment 0

flaws report aside
I will start with the bad, so i end with a good note.
Map is to cluttered with pick up points. who would really steal material from a house under construction ? I like the idea of warehouses running out of material and having to go to alternatives. but stealing? naw bad concept.
searchable vehicles . None
upgrades none
To much focus of everything having to run 1 main road. its very repetitive.
map is large but many task involve gold mine and just trucking up and down same road.
and even though it looks cluttered with stuff to do , it isn't, just houses to steal material from < yuk
to much fog can't enjoy the beauty of the map because its constantly shrouded in fog.
days are to short afternoon glare sucks.
telehandler controls suck , the whole forklift sucks because of it.
so far, no real crane tasks.
map is a bit to easy ( but i loved Imandra) < some folks dont

The Good

Man what a visually stunning and beautiful map/ maps.
I LOVE the dump truck haul task wish it was a longer run
4 wheeling /scouting 4x4 paradise love it
love the layout on second , i think it lays out better than first map.
i like how you disguised a lot of the roads and river crossings you really have to search and test. in the remote areas.
love the difficulty reaching out posts to uncover map.

I have both maps lit up , i only have 2 tasks left on first map and both are broken at the moment i know it a work in progress the flaws are not part of my likes/ dislikes.
im going to give the map a rest until some repair patches come through. o dollars on missions in second map is a bummer no need to do anymore there.
1st map contracts jammed . i am kind of stuck and that's a lot of hours of game play , and i am facing having to restart first contract. so i want to know it works. because that 1st contract is so repetitive.

great job thus far,

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@barefootbob Hello.
Thank you for the report.
Can you attach screenshots, where we can see these issues?
Also mention your KSIVA code, you can find it at the bottom of the screen in the game.
Share the storage folder with us, we will be able to investigate these cases with your save data.
Here is the path: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage

@rudeborya said in SEVERAL FLAWS ARE COMING TO LIFE. and my impressions thus far:

Here is the path: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage

Isn't ist for the PTS:
C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner Beta\base\storage

i copied the storage file however , it wont allow it to download here. it just wants to open the file and try to send individual pieces.
I tried downloading screen shots and it says the ppics are to big i reduced to 30% and it still wont accept it
is the test servers storage in with that snow runner file? these bugs i am reporting are on the test server

A couple of the bugs are transcending into the old maps
cross over territories with trailer tongue of trailer stuck in ground truck sitting straight up in the air 2 out of 3 crossings with trailer.
the exploding vehicles are happening everywhere, my super star mod truck is sitting 500 feet or so in the air above quarry i just clicked into it from map and it exploded into the air and stuck there.
quarry troublesome teen task pulled up to little car to recover it exploded and shot up into the air

ok i copied beta storage file, i put it on my desktop , went on to forums , this topic , hit reply . i hit the download file icon ,found storage on desktop. clicked it , will not download it just opens storage and shows all the sub files!

![0_1601883894715_snowrunner 1.png](Uploading 100%) it keeps coming up request entity to large for the screen shots

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@barefootbob Sorry to bother you, we clarified - so far this data will not be required, some parts of the patch are still in the process and the developers know about bugs. But thanks anyway for your reports!