Game keeps crashing even after reinstall, updating video card drivers


So at this point the game is completely unplayable. It will either crash while booting up (Error 10011), or I get the unreal engine crash while navigating the menu, or the game just freezes and runs out of video memory if I actually make it in the game. To my knowledge, this started after the most recent patch. Strangely, this only happens when I try to click the "battle" option in the main menu. The campaign seems to be still playable.

I have tried reinstalling the game, validating the files, and updating my video card drivers. I also tried running it in windowless bordered. None of that has helped. I'm running with an intel-4690k, a GTX 970 and 16 GB of RAM so I have more than enough to handle the game specwise.

Any suggestions? Anything I missed?

I've tried emailing technical support but have only gotten auto replies that tell me to post here. Anything else I should try?