Anymore update and or new races expected this year?

Are you having any plans to keep improving BB2 this year ? Is their any big update expected this year from the community wishlist (hot seat for example, better chat system , ...) ?
As for the khorne and other races , are they still being considered or have we reached the maximun of races for BB2

There is statement about Cyanide now working on the new Space Hulk game. Observing how slow their work on BB2 lately, and how they are unwilling to add even relatively simple features needed by community and League admins, it seems BB2 is not their primary focus anymore.

Implement ALL of them
Not at once obviously. 😉

I think they're done with the series now.

I think as for BB1 there will be a Chaos edition for BB2. As for the other improvements and additions, since the board game is itself evolving, it is normal that cyanide does not come out of DLC right away.

There is so much to do with the current game and client (community wishlist). They can very well not release new race but still improving the features of the current game via regular updates. I am just asking if they still have anything on the agenda. As for the tabletop it has been evolving since it s creation and even when GWS stopped supporting it . I also beleive the experience online is different from the TT experience due to the fact that you can play such high volume of match.

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I'm quite confident there will at least be an update to fix bugs at some point.

At least to fix the known issues listed there:

@dragonloup said in Anymore update and or new races expected this year?:

They can very well not release new race but still improving the features of the current game via regular updates.

Can't say Cyanide is notorious of something like this. They are not like those indy companies, actively engaging with a community, publishing their future plans, providing regular feedback on what they are working at etc. They were fixing issues actively before, and even listened to feedback to some extent, but it seems their interest in this project died off notably recently.

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As they are working on a New World cup to be launched this year (Cf. Message in BB2 official competition forum), I wouldn't be surprised if it will be simultaneous to the launch of new DLC being Chaos Edition or something else.

At least the fact they still offer some prize in CCL and this coming World cup are a sure sign Cyanide and Focus are still working on the game.

I hope they will release an announcement in the WORLD CUP 2018. Thanks to the data mining of the game we know tha we will have at least 2 new teams coming in a possible future expansion

  • Khorne::

15_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_16_0.texture_result.png 14_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_15_0.texture_result.png 13_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_14_0.texture_result.png 12_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_13_0.texture_result (1).png 11_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_12_0.texture_result.png 10_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_11_0.texture_result.png 9_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_10_0.texture_result.png 8_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_09_0.texture_result.png 7_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_08_0.texture_result.png 6_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_07_0.texture_result.png 5_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_06_0.texture_result.png 4_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_05_0.texture_result (1).png 3_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_04_0.texture_result (1).png 2_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_03_0.texture_result.png 1_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_02_0.texture_result.png 0_1521620844455_Logo_Khorne_01_0.texture_result.png

  • Slaanesh:

19_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_20_0.texture_result.png 18_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_19_0.texture_result.png 17_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_18_0.texture_result (1).png 16_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_17_0.texture_result.png 15_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_16_0.texture_result (1).png 14_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_15_0.texture_result.png 13_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_14_0.texture_result.png 12_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_13_0.texture_result.png 11_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_12_0.texture_result (1).png 10_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_11_0.texture_result.png 9_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_10_0.texture_result.png 8_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_09_0.texture_result.png 7_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_08_0.texture_result.png 6_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_07_0.texture_result (1).png 5_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_06_0.texture_result (1).png 4_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_05_0.texture_result.png 3_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_04_0.texture_result.png 2_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_03_0.texture_result.png 1_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_02_0.texture_result.png 0_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_01_0.texture_result.png

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I have been waiting for the khorne to return since the initial release. Has the logos been updated or were they in stock since the beginning?

I think that all those Khorne/Slaanesh team logos are in the BB2 game files since the realease

Any idea what the Slaanesh Roster could be ? Could it be "Chaos Renegades" Roster ?

That would be awesome.

But there is no word, no noise at all so far, so I would be (pleasantly) surprised if they were to launch new races in the same time than the world cup.

Note for those interested : There is still time to join a qualifier Tournament to the official world cup to come. If interested you can sign up here :

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@jrco I hope the development team creates a new roster for the Slaanesh teams, as they did for the Khorne teams in the last Chaos Edition. It would be very interesting!

I hope they don't, or at least if they do, they pay more attention to the fluff and don't get so many stupid design handcuffs as they did with the Khorne team.

@azorast Slaanesh is most likely based on Simyin since Daemonettes the Keeper of Secrets has extra arms

So maybe some Extra Arms, VLL and in general a lot of mutation access combined with agility, but a lack of strength

It's also very strange how there's not a single claw in the images

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@isarnwolf Which images you mean? The Slaanesh team logos?. I see in those logos at least 3 claws!

Quick example:


@azorast Hmm, you're right. They were really hard to make out for me with those funky colours.

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Bumping because I too would like to hear if Khorne, Chaos Pact, and anyone else is planned for BB2 LE or a possible Chaos Edition expansion.

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