Enemy AI seem to punish me the more I play CO-OP

I have found after playing for a couple of hours in CO-OP the enemy AI seems to develop a personal vendetta against me and starts to target and attack me in an accurate and aggressive manner. The cycle begins after I have stepped away from the game for a while, I end up reinstalling Insurgency Sandstorm and hop on the HC or standard CO-OP playlist. At first, everything seems great, even bordering on easy in the beginning, for example, I can peer out a window and take some shots without a problem or I can pursue a target and as long as I don't mess up with my positioning and aiming, I can execute the hostile AI.

As I continue playing and my kill count starts to climb, a definitive shift in the feeling of the game changes, no longer can I take a peek out of a window, forget about setting up a bipod for that is certain death. A corner or advantageous piece of cover that was once an optimum shooting position becomes a place to quickly get one tapped. I am all about a challenge and to be pushed to a new difficulty, where you struggle for a while and then learn to overcome that new test. The issue I cannot get over is a system that lets you play at an easy forgiving level of difficulty and then all of a sudden you are getting shot in the head through grass and foliage that you yourself cannot ID targets through.

Perhaps this is all in my head, and my playing ability has degraded, therefore making the game feel more difficult. Then I reinstall the game after a couple of weeks and again I find myself playing with essentialy brain dead AI that empty a magazine in my general direction and miss everyshot. A week ago those same AI would smoke me in the face from 300m away with a grease gun. To end a long story short I feel that there is a major consistency issue with the AI in COOP.

Am I crazy, or is this something you people have experienced?

I've often felt the same way. Or like the bots have better accuracy and reaction times against higher level players.

But then I play in the CTE with my level reset to 0 and still get shot in the head in 0.01 seconds. Or I'll be leading the server and have 3 bots all miss me for a solid 2 seconds while I biff an entire mag at them like a moron.

I don't know. Maybe our brains just start to notice the times when the bots are idiots and the times the bots are super man in different ways as we play. Maybe we're both crazy.