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I never gave a crap about any of my ship's captains. Execute popped up...Dead! Never knew their name anyway. Old whats his face just got shot. Oh well! Next. Maybe that's the point of it, but I think it would be interesting to the campaign, if it were the Captains that gain levels instead of the ship.

Spire needed to gain levels before he could add ships to his fleet. Other Captains should need to gain levels before they can add extras to their ship. Has a certain amount of continuity to it.

You would think twice before
Executing that level 10 Admiral! If ever!

I guess the ships are suppose to be the characters. Just saying, when I played the XCOM games, I would rename the squad members to have the names of my family. I really cared about those characters. Such a small thing added weight to my decisions.

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Used to be something similar way back in the 2015 Alpha test where admirals had certain behaviours and had levels separate to the ship levels although I can't remember what the captain levels did. I think it was linked to likelihood of going insubordinate and to the orders you could use without buying more (since each special order cost 10 pts as standard, buying a maximum of 3 additional orders per game, and in the alpha it was often better to just stack on orders than bring escorts), but the levels might have done something else, I just can't remember.

So if you had a passive captain at lvl 7+ in an Acheron Class Heavy Cruiser playing as chaos, you just wouldn't execute them. Since even if they did go insubordinate, rather than jump out, they would just try to hold 12K range and ignore your orders... which really wasn't much of an issue in such a fleet.
There where also aggressive captains that would charge headlong into 3K range and wouldn't obey orders. And a few others I can't remember, including the current 'Coward' behaviour type that is not standard across the board.

Also, favours where linked to how experienced your ships and captains where, and where not bought with renown. Made getting favours much slower, but they didn't cost anything. Another reason to want experienced captains and not start over with a lvl 1.

The whole system got scraped along with the ship squadrons and fleet formation system.

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@caliger_reborn I seem to remember something like that too. Had forgotten that. Nice recall.

Yeah, the fleet formation was clunky at best. Once the ships started circling it had the appearance of a mess since the ships would turn in different directions. I wasn't smart enough at the time to use the everybody fire from this side or that option to have them all turn the same way.

I'm hoping for Line abreast and Column formation options in this version. Echelon would be nice, but I see that one being very tricky. Lets face it, Spear Head is more a movie fantasy.

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@huzzari22 wow Somebody likes Battlefleet Gag-git.

Damn... That old system sounds way cooler than the current one.

@romeo It was definetly very different. I would like to see the old favour system make a comeback, at least for chaos, since it made perfect sense that you had to battle your way into the favour of the gods. The current renown system is serviceable, and is faster progression-wise, but less interesting.

I also miss fleet formations, but shield transfer could be massively exploited by the Imperial Navy, making ships almost un-killable if you put them in formation since they effectively never lost shields. The AI also never used formations correctly, so I see why they removed it.

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