Wheels Above Truck NO Mods Ver 10


Trying to confirm or dismiss mods clashed I've started a new game on the PTS. My initial report suggested that a mod clash was evident, however, Day 2 on my new game I see the first of the problems as shown in pic.

Also in drowned lands rescuing the WesternStar Twin, my Scout 800 was able to winch to the sky!!! I could see nothing.

I am at the moment using moded maps and have all this bugs and some. In moded maps the supply for all items like fuel drums, steelbars etc. ceased. Loading status of a truck is allways zero even with stuff loaded (but you can unload that just fine). The garage sign is unattached to the map. Job prerequisites are just properly displayed after you ones closed the map then open it again. This wheels atop the model bug was the first sign that something is fishy after that trailers and trucks are goner fly.

mine is doing the same thing with trucks and trailers . and when i get close so they render in properly they explode into the sky and stay there. or render in so violently they damage vehicle or it falls over on its side. i have about 3 to 4 trailers hanging in the air on quarry map, sometimes the tires are about 20' above the vehicle and when they render in they really take off for the sky !

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I've only played on PTS for a little while (maybe 3-4 hours) and i encountered this same thing when i first went to the scout 800 in black river; the rear wheel was waay above the car and when i switched to the scout, the wheel just crashed into the correct place, damaging the wheel and suspension in the process

Can definitely confirm I am seeing this as well in the PTS.

We will need a way to recover or otherwise delete all these floating trailers now because once they go into the sky, they exceed the distance which physics objects stay awake and they remain frozen in the sky eternal.

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Perhaps objects above a certain altitude can just be auto-sold and notify the player as a workaround.

Can confirm this has happened to me as well.