I am a sad boy to see the alpha go... but also very excited as this means we are closer to release!!!

I apologize for your loss but I celebrate the progress to release with you 🙂

@cream-cheese reeeeal jazzed man. They seem to have instilled more confidence for me throughout the alpha that this game is going to be reeeeeeeal boss!

@thenickgann I keep looking for alpha footage but I guess it's in the agreement to not release any footage?

@cream-cheese Yup, it part of the NDA in case you weren't aware.

@cream-cheese No footage available for public consumption man. Just for bug reports and such (specific to alpha testers)

This is the only time I've ever actually watched a game closely through its development so I don't know necessarily what to expect from the Alpha and Beta stages.

Speaking of which, what can be expected after Alpha? Does Beta testing come next and then release/early access?

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@cream-cheese Not too sure what next.

Stay tune on Social Media. They'll announce some news on Sandstorm at a latter point.

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