Buggy but awesome so far

There are tons of bugs and lots of flying vehicles and trailers. Mission names not available yet. Bandit with no skin yet. So many to list. However there is room to grow and with the new content like crafting and limited available cargo. I am impressed overall.

TH-357 needs a hotkey to swap to and from fork mode and driving. Bandit needs a bit lower center of gravity (and skin/sounds/steering wheel). Heavy rock trailer needs to vanish after turning in, and if my 2nd one ever returns from the tree it's in, I will know if the mission works.

alt text

And the Titan, I would finish that mission if it wasn't for the fact the Twinsteer decided it wanted to launch too.

alt text

Still want to see a time of day lock. The locations that have limited cargo like the houses and so on, the locations need to be removed from the map once the cargo from it has been depleted. I will update when I remember what else I have found so far.

Crafting in SnowRunner, GENIUS.....

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I do love the crafting so much! I hope they bring that to existing maps as well!

What's this "crafting" you guys are talking about..?

Someone needs to explain this crafting thing, because it sounds amazing.

I'm not the best to fully explain it, as I have only just tried the new map, but there are places where you bring raw material and the building produces an output. It basically is used as a way to create more work for the player in order to accomplish the same goal, but from what little I saw, it is implemented well and seems fun.

Also it seems there is a warehouse where you can store materials for when you want to use them, unless I misunderstand its purpose.