Fixing Forklift idea.

The controls for the forklift it just needs a small fit. The addition of buttons to go forward and reverse when contorting the arm and forks. Right now you have to go completely out of that menu to to back up or more ahead than go back into the menu to lower or raise the fork(repeat if you were off a little). This problem could be prefect much fixed if we had just the ability forwards and reverse. I ran a forklift for a number of years and I can say for sure that simply moving back and froth would greatly increase the usability of the forklift, perhaps at a slower speed then normal for finer control. The ability to steer in that menu would also be helpful but taking into account game controllers limited buttons is less important.

This is my best problem with the forklift and its one that can be easily fixed.

Definitely agree here. Forward and backward is as vital as up and down for using the forks.

Haven't tried the forklift yet, but having tried a similar vehicle in mudrunner, it has the same problem. So yeah, i agree that since we have a machine like that in the game we need to be able to drive and move the arm/forks at the same time, otherwise i'd imagine it's just both tedious and un-immersive