So, just as the topic suggests; Although transporting trucks on trailers has been improved so that now we can actually secure them (which is great and fixes a key issue the game had previously) it still isn't exactly problem free; this works just fine as long as i can drive the truck on to the trailer but when the said truck happens to be broken and especially when i don't own the truck i intend to transport, there's no good way to get it on to the trailer, because there's no good place to winch the trucks, they can only be attached from either side and that just pulls the truck off-centre from the ramp and therefore the effort fails miserably.. Maybe for starters have a winchpoint on the dead centre on both the trucks and the trailers to make this a little easier..? Also unloading a truck is a bit tricky if the truck can't be driven..

When it comes to simply towing vehicles, i have just one gripe with that; why does it allways have to automatically accelerate the vehicle that is being towed? Could we have an option to switch between pulling and accelerating, just like it was in mudrunner..? That worked well imo

Edit: Just noticed that small scouts can be lifted onto a trailer with a big crane since they have a winch point in the rooftop, in the center of the truck... But that doesn't solve the issue with bigger trucks and it would still be better imo to have a winch point at the center front and back of each truck as well as a center winch point on the trailers also, preferably at a couple points so that it would be easier to pull a truck on to a trailer.

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