Will we get back support for older Logitech steering wheels (G25-G29)?

@Jellyfoosh @esorokin

I like to ask, is it planned to support the G2x series wheels on 10.2?


@liszkai Must be a specific issue with different wheel versions/drivers/etc, as my 6 month old G29 still works in PTS 10.1, just have the occasional situation when the force feedback is locked right. Exiting the game and going back in usually fixes it for me.

@stev391 I don't think, the problem is specific. I have backup from Live 8.0 Snowrunner.exe, and 9.0 PTS exe.
These two version is working, just need to swap the exe file, and wheel working like before, and like in any other sw/game.
Many guys reported in this forum, the g25-g29 series stop working after these two patch. No workaround solve the problem, I tried everythink.


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