Chapter 15 Ambush Bug?

Can someone please help!

I am stuck on chapter 15, my game patched last week so it's not the usual enemies respawning after all the doors closed , but I seem to be unable to complete the 'set up ambush' objective.

I have finished all objectives, except I never set up any fighters in an ambush stance (I just use overwatch as they are all armed with ranged weapons at the beginning of the mission...). Having done everything else including get to the archeotech, I've set 2 gangers into ambush stances but the objective has not completed.

Am I missing something here? Should the ambush be set up in a specific place/by specific gangers, or by 'set up an ambush' does it mean I have to do something else? I had to save and restart after closing all the doors so is this just another game-breaking bug? Doing a single run-through is next to impossible due to work and family commitments so any advice on how to fix this without replaying the mission would be appreciated.

As expected, this is a major pain when I am so close to the end of the campaign (and I even "finished" chapter 15 in one play-through), and really disappointing.

Probably a stupid question;
Did you get to the Archaeotech before you finished off the first lot of enemy Gangers?

It's what I had to do to bypass the constant spawn glitch.

Not a stupid question - I'd like to at least figure out what may have gone wrong as I'm probably going to have to replay so thanks! But anyway no, I left it until the end as it was less of a priority for me than the other objectives.

I'll make sure I get to it before I finish off the first lot of gangers when I bring myself to replay it.

I'd noticed there's this counter for wiping out the original enemies that appear with the Big Dog, yet it only activates after you've got the Archaeotech objective.

So on my retry I sent the leader of the Bane Cats to look at it straight off.
Took a couple of rounds to do it, yet I successfully finished the mission by about the 5th round.

Hello, truly sorry to hear about that 😞

I tried to repro it but I was unable, the objective is checking on my side.
On what platform are you playing? If it's on pc, by any chance could you send me your logs and a video about what you did on the first turns?
Actually, this objective should check itself at the start of round 2, even if you skip every of our fighter's turn. You don't really have to do anything to validate this, so you shouldn't get softblocked because of this one 😕

Sorry again for the inconvenience it caused you.

Hey no worries I love the game, just a bit of a pain to replay it! The onlky thing that I can assume is that having saved and left the game just before getting to the archeotech, it has brought the objective back in for some reason.

Can you please either tell me how to copy the logs or point me in the direction of a link with the information?

As for a video of the first few turns how would I do that? I closed 7 doors in the first turn, had taken out the grand dog pretty quickly, I think by the third round maybe? And I got all of the doors shut after I think possibly 2 lots of reinforcements had come through, so whatever round that was.

@Ferrous-Angelus Where is the counter? Do you mean it's an object on the map, not something that shows on the map screen or HUD?

You can call up a board that shows how many of each gang is Active, Extracted, or Out Of Action (Skull and Crossbones), which also lists the Objectives to the left of that.

On my XBox controller I press the Right Bumper Button to call it up.
I use it to check on the Objectives as I play.

It says something like:
"Eliminate Remaining Gang Members 0/5"

My first attempt at Mission 15, I quit after the 15th Round as I noticed the numbers weren't changing.
I realised that it probably only applied to the original gang, hence why I went straight for the Archaeotech on my second attempt.

Hey @doomzoner, all information here 🙂

You just have to copy the Necromunda.log file, it contains all information on your current session (or last if you closed the game). It will help developers to check if something went wrong and if so, what to do to avoid it in the future ^^

It could possibly be an update issue after reloading, as you said, I will try a few things to find out what is going on.