Level renaming.

I'm back at work on my map, but decided to change the name, which file do I need to rename?

I don't want to mess it up when it needs to load and can't find whatever it needs, thanks.

Stick with the existing names for now. When you gather up the files for release, you can rename your .DDS and .STG files to "level_yourmapnamehere" and voila!

OK cheers, so it's just those two?

Also...the names of the .dds and .stg files that the game loads don't need to be all lower case letters and have no spaces. To use @Mexican_420's example it can look like this if you want..."level_Your Map Name Here". I end up renaming all the maps I play to look like that. Since map makers usually don't do it for me. And I think all lower case letters with no spaces looks stupid.

Yeah I'm not a fan of "level_swamptrails" I think "level_Swamp Trails" looks a lot better and more professional. Not in Primary School again! Haha.

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