Garage UI - Deploy button not showing up when using mouse and sorting by class <PTS 10.1> (still present in 12.1)

This bug only happens when using mouse to navigate in garage.
When you have a vehicle already deployed and then go into "TRUCK STORAGE" and click on any other truck, you will have an option to "Deploy" that truck:
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.12 - 22.50.33.jpg

But if you go into "TRUCK STORAGE", then click on a vehicle class (to sort by class), "Deploy" button won't show up when you click on a truck:
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.12 - 22.50.50.jpg

Video showing the problem:

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Hello @Amynue
Thank you for the detailed report.
Can you send linkto this report to
Attach your KSIVA code, you can find them at the bottom of the screen in the main menu of the game.
Also attach your PTS storage folder: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunnerBeta\base\storage
We will investigate this issue.

I was looking at this last night on the 10.2 build and the "Deploy" option was visible if using a filter by class. Possibly fixed?

I'm still able to reproduce the bug 100% of the time with 10.2 version. You need to already have a truck in your garage slot before going into "TRUCK STORAGE". You can see in my screenshots that Fleetstar is shown as "ACTIVE TRUCK". If your garage slot is empty before going into "TRUCK STORAGE" there is no bug.

Definitely a bug. I see what you mean now.

Still bugged in 10.3

Still broken in 10.4

Still broken in 12.1