How OP is your mod?

Just for reference, here's what happens when a built Jeep JK with 40" tires tries to slog through hub-deep mud...
The way some of the mod trucks fly through similar conditions in-game is downright ludicrous and unrealistic to say the least so if you want to keep your tune in line with the stock trucks, watch this starting around the 6 minute mark...

Youtube Video

Feel free to subscribe to the channel as well, always impressed with the production quality and content from Wayalife!

And you devs, take notes! THIS is how we wheel on our side of the pond, so keep in mind for MudrunnerUSA (or whatever you end up calling it) that logs around here are nothing but another obstacle to climb over... 😃

I get your point. But I've witnessed vehicles IRL that would blow through those tiny mud puddles(that's what we'd call those here in Oregon) like they weren't even there. If they were having problems with that, they wouldn't make it 6 inches through what I'd call a "real" mud "hole". Mud less than frame deep is a "puddle"...where I'm from. And driving through one isn't considered "true mudding".

How we do...
0_1520020367906_31 (121).JPG
0_1520020843701_31 (122).JPG
0_1520020593540_31 (123).JPG
0_1520020445432_31 (132).JPG
0_1520020480556_31 (133).JPG
0_1520022470545_31 (127).JPG
0_1520020524910_31 (138).JPG

How I did(that day)...
0_1520020993590_31 (145).JPG
0_1520021421778_31 (153).JPG
0_1520021485746_31 (152).JPG
0_1520021521876_31 (141).JPG

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That mud looks a little more watered down compared to the thick black slop in the clip, but we won't split hairs. Good times when you've got a mudhole like that, and a skidder nearby! Looks like a blast! 🙂

Out of curiosity, how would Oregonians (?) define "true mudding" if simply getting to relatively solid ground on the other side doesn't qualify? 'Yota looks good in brown, I might add... 🙂

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@Mexican_420 Thanks for sharing that video! Subscribed. Yeah I have some OP vehicles I play with. I try to keep the crawlers all the same as far as friction etc goes because I'm working on a crawling map right now.

@mexican_420 Yep, Most mod vehicles are OP, but that includes many maps. There are many roads that we have driven on in MD, that no one would have the gonads to even try in RL. As hard as they(devs,mods) try to keep it real. It's a "game" and you will always be able to do more in game then RL, for many factors biggest one I guess would be fear(damage/death). I, do find that most vehicle mods though on this game are completely way over done, but that started in the Spintires days and just got ported over. What I think would be closer to RL, as far as trail vehicles and trail maps go, is vehicle OP mods that would do a little better then the uaz469 cause of better, stronger engine and tires and maps to match. Like yours, but with a little bit more speed. .😁

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good stuff! thanks Mexican, Rufus

In europe we use different tires because its all like that on the 6 minutes mark (search for the croatia trophy), use genius tires and you will fly through that mud:
And you should run portal axles from unimog of Volvo, that would help as well.

Allright and in the case of the 7.40 mark you we use red winches, run 40 meters per minute on rope in and are electric.

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Those tires are gnarly! Betcha they'd be hella noisy on the road though, if they're even road legal...

@Mexican_420 nope they aren't road legal xd

Took me a second to get that one... rofl

@wrangmog i live in the usa and that looks like the tire tread i have on my polaris rzr

@wrangmog, Yeah, that was good. lol 🙂

@motohead74 could be, those start on 30/10.5r15. I don't know if that fits..

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