Missing Looting Round?

The last patch "notably removed the final Loot Round in all Exhibition skirmishes", however, I no longer seem to get a looting round in my Operations often resulting in a loss of Resources making it that much more difficult to achieve a Tier 3 success.
I'm new to these forums so I apologise if this issue has already been reported.

I'm really enjoying the game so far and can't wait to see what the future brings... especially when I eventually get to slink around the map in a dodgy Trenchcoat 😏

If there are 0 rounds left then you don't get an extra loot round. I've hit this a couple times and missed picking up items.

Although, I've killed the last person with 0 rounds left and my character doesn't get a chance to finish their turn which seems drastic. Seems battle should end at the end of my turn.

Hi, sorry you faced this inconvenence.

As altima_boy_ff said, there is an issue we discovered that prevents you to play the looting round if you end the game at 0 round left. Devs are aware of this and are working on it!

Sorry again for the troubleit caused you.

I figured it was by design, looting was bonus if you finished before round limit. Don't mind if it gets fixed though.