public test server

hi i have the snow runner game on epic game store i have both games snowrunner and snow runner public test server
my problem is the game public test server has not updated i have no new maps no vehicles and i have uninstalled it and reinstalled the public test server versio i purchased the game on the 2nd october 2020is there anything i should do to update the public test server

Hello @johnboy2020
Try to verify PTS game files throuth the Epic Games Launcher.
This can be a solution.

Hi I have tried that i have even uninstalled the pts version and put it back on
I am running version 10.2 I have 4 maps on the game they are maps you start with other than that I have no more maps to find

I think you need the season pass to get them even on pts..

Just to make sure, among them you do not have the two new maps in the new Canadian Yukon Region (Big Salmon Peak, Floody Foothills), right?
Can you please try to reinstall the EGS client?

I do not have the maps I am sorry but can you tell me what is EGS client I have to reinstall

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And @johnboy2020 do you have season pass?
Did you buy premium edition or standard?

it is the standard edition i have

With the standard edition you have only acces to "Michigan", "Alaska" and "Taymyr".
For access to "Kola Peninsula" and the new "Yukon" you need the season pass. Same for many trucks you will only get with the season pass.

Here you can see:
Every pic with the "DLC" "PTS DLC" mark is only available with the season pass.

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