Anybody else feel leveling is too quick?

Juves go from off the boat to level 3 or 4, stealing level 3/4/5 weapons in first match depending on difficulty, starter gang w/ right facility on brutal or deadly gives stat upgrades for 0 exp. All skills at level 3/maxed by character level 5 or 6.

Infamy points make it worse. Level 5 weapons/armor at start, free implants, neuro inhibitors can get you to level 7 in 2 battles. Level 10 is maxing out non class stats hoping to get a +1 max stat item in caskets.

I suppose it lets you try different high level gang builds quickly but seems like there should be a little effort involved lol.

Well we should be able to play pvp.. sometime😆 .. think about it: your gang was cut 2,3 times (stolen too) you will probably be happy to make a new one, quickly.. I remember the first rounds without bonuses 🙂

but U are right, its fast! 😌

Yep agree, levelling is far to fast

Personally the speed doesn't bother me as the essential game play loop is too repetitive with not enough difference between gangs to keep my interest the way Mordheim did, so I'm glad you can level fairly quickly. Considering how meaningless money is you can easily afford to shell out to buy high level gangers if you wanted.

That said I don't play PVP which I imagine is an entirely different breed of game as I imagine even the dullest of players would appear razor sharp compared to the AI (especially when the game had just launched).

I get the repetitive part. AI takes the same deploy points, 1st couple turns go to same spots. 1st round buffs and shooting, 2nd it picks up items. Pit brawl might be better if there were different constraints besides melee. 1H range only, 2H range only, grenades only with a bunch hidden around the map. I enjoy varying the group combinations to see how they work really and sometimes the AI throws something interesting at ya.

I don't really get the gangs are the same though. Goliath is melee + damage resistance, Orlock range evade, Escher is melee + consumables/support. The skill names are the same but effects are different between gangs for some.

What else are you looking for between gangs? Gang specific class, weapons, consumables? My only knowledge of the table top game is from playing for 4 months in 1998 with roommates lol. From my view it represents it pretty well if they could just get rid of the annoying bugs/crashes and make AI a bit better. I'd probably pay $15 for 10 more maps and 2 more gangs if they did those things.

The current itineration of the table top goes much further to differentiate the gangs, Different houses get unique weapons, different skills (house specific active skills would be good start to making houses feel more unique), they are even creating new house specific classes.

They also have more distinct statlines, I know they get different stat bonuses in creation, but they all cap at 25 so you can get to the same point with any ganger. In the table top Escher had a faster movement than any other gang (the equivalent of say an extra 10 MP base). Goliath had 33% more STR and T than other gangers could ever get (so to represent how much harder to put them down let their STR and T stats go to 30 or just give them say 50 more HP). Orlocks being more baseline humans didn't get any stat upgrades and survived by working better together and by being a little cheaper (for the game you could provide bonuses to close support so a free aura that would decrease cost of overwatch or melee if near another ganger). It meant some gangs were better than others in terms of raw stats, but also meant you noticed the difference playing with or against them more.


considering i cannot play due to the state of this game (didnt play seriously because of shit software) AND being a father I doubt slow progress is an issue for me. the only thing progressing slowly is the game's patches to make it not a puddle of cow piss

in fact, if I EVER get to play this as a real videogame, I'd wish for some rewarding progress

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