FearWheels Trail Map Update

Hey, guys. With the generous help from @Mexican_420 he has made my map look so sweet. Thank you so much my friend.

And Banks 1969 F100 Trophy Truck on the fast cottage road is a blast, Hardly any damage and goes like hell. 😀

With this said sadly, after many hours spent on this. I'm not sure this map will ever be released to you guys. Do to so many items(many stones) on the map, it was lagging badly. So I made the cottage road, so players could go quickly around the perimeter of the map in order to load items fast, and it worked, One lap around lagging gone. But for at least a couple weeks now I've had major issues with textures not loading properly and even no trees no ground textures? And also now getting some diamond shape rocks popping up and some bushes flickering and small twigs.

I can live with it as it's not everywhere. But extremely embarrassing to release. I tried so hard for this map to be good. I rebuild the terrain every time even if I didn't need to. I also only put only one distribution on the tails, small rocks with twigs in order not to conflict. I went back and did so many things in order to fix. I have given up.

I'm very upset and sadden by this today. It's been a long haul with this, only to get these types of results. I think my map making days are already over before they even begin. It's to bad, I was looking forward to learn do more. My apologies to any one who was looking forward for this release. Trust me I'm more upset then you are.

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Nah don't give up on it. Could it be due to all of the 3rd party assets I see? Does it lag for others too? Hopefully you will be able to find a fix. Hang in there.

Don't be so hard on yourself. It's probably nowhere near as bad as you think it is. And probably a million times better than some of the total crap ass maps some dudes are releasing. Probably looks way better than what I'm working on too. It's a complete trainwreck of flickering vegetation textures. But by God I want an ultra dense forest to drive through. So if that's what I have to deal with to get it...so be it. I don't intend on changing it to fix nothing as far as that goes either. And, if/when I ever finish it, it's getting released that way too. Imperfect or not.

Hell. Even "Mr.Map Guru" Nix has some of those "ninja star" looking rocks he talks about how to avoid in his latest map release.

Nobody's perfect. Nor should they be. It's narcissistic for anyone to think they are perfect, or not be able to admit that they aren't.

Just do your best. That's all that really matters.

Dude I had a great time testing out that map! I was hesitant at first from some of the overview screenshots but what you managed to do with that layoutvwas pretty sweet. 🙂

Regarding those "NInja Star" rocks I get those as well, even on flatter terrain. Mate, even the dev's do! I've seen it on the Valley. I really would not worry about it, finish what you started it will be worth it.

To be honest I did not expect these types of responses from you guys. More like you probably did this wrong and take out all those items and you have way to many rocks. Not we get those to. As far as the missing textures when loading, this could be do to the DLC update, as my game as been running like crap ever since. Sorry, but I just lost it yesterday. I'm not a perfectionist, though I did have high expectation for my map to have as little mistakes as possible. But with the editor, I'm finding out that's almost impossible. So, today is a new day and I guess, and I will need to see how things pan out.

@fearwheels I thought the map looked good. Be a shame not to release it. Couple things you can try - There might be a high poly model in there causing it to bog the map down. I find if you're using the tool and the distribution percentage is over 70% it's often too dense. If that happens, I go back and cross hatch with a small brush size and the value at 0% so everything has room. All the distributions work a little different but It's seems to work for me.

@gumbootgambler Thx man. To be honest I have relaxed about the map having problems and I am going to release the map. Lagging is really not that big of a deal. The dirt road I put in goes around the map, and can be done quickly, lagging gone. I would imagine that this is due to many items and several hundreds rocks on a 20x20 map. 😂 Ninja stones? I'm not sure how to avoid those. But I have learned not to scale up bushes to 100, that's when they started acting up on me. I wanted very narrow trails with dense trees and bushes. But when you start doing this, you seem to get a world of problems. Like the game they need to fix it.


I took @gumbootgambler advice and went back on the map and spent the last two weeks thinning out my insane dense forest and scaled down all my bushes around my trails and this got rid of some(ninja stones/flickering veg) approximately 25% maybe. Expending a lot of effort for too little return I thought, but better then 100%. I decided to remove a portion of my dirt path overlay and ninja stones gone, vegetation normal. 😀 Put back dirt path overlay and they are back? So I removed dirt path on one trail and replaced with dirt road overlay and all stones/veg are good. 😕

So, not sure what's going on with the dirt path overlays on my map, but that overlay now has been replaced with dirt roads and I haven't seen one ninja stone anywhere. 👏


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