how to get a refund xbox version

so i have no idea where else to put this and its more of a question to the community but does anyone know the best way to go about getting a refund for this on xbox? at this point i can maybe get through 1 operation before it hits the infinite loading screen issue which is maybe an hour or two of play (it would be less if it didnt keep crashing and glitching out). they've initially denied the refund but the games clearly not in a usable state (at least for me, some people might be ok paying that much for essentially a buggy demo) and im tired of waiting for this patch thats supposed to maybe fix some things. from some research i think i'm entitled to a refund under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 but i'm hoping for some advice on how to actually sort it out, microsofts customer support is worse than useless and all i have is an email back from them saying the refund is denied.

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can't be worth than sony...
keep requesting, refuse the denial, explain the issues again. you shouldn't back down.

demand refund based on defects, have proof.

easier said than done. report all issues, make videos of it, upload to youtube, send link to support.

i know it's a fucking shitshow, unfortunatly

@drain-pipe6 you're definitely right, steam treated a bunch of Australian consumers like shit for broken games, which lead to a 2 million dollar law suit that got taken to the federal government court... Focus and Microsoft might want to strongly consider reading this and let that sink in. Well, Focus anyway.

is this whole post invinsible? I can't seem to find it in the usual way 😕

so it got denied again, i've now sent a wall of text with references to the many bug reports on this forum, acknowledgement by focus that they are aware of the progress blocking issues (all dated within 30 days of release and more than 30 days before i sent the email to show they've had adequate time), and relevant parts of the consumer rights act. if it works then i'll post the email here so other people can use it as a template to get their own refunds should they want to (its not microsoft specific). hopefully it does work and i can go back to doing better things with my evening than scour law stuff and arguing with customer support for hours. If anyones considering it i'd recommend getting the process started asap. I know the microsoft one needs you to find a link to their support team chat then convince the team member you should have a refund just so they give you a link to a unique form to request the refund.

to save xbox users some time:

  1. go to this link:
  2. click "Contact a Microsoft support agent" about half way down the page
  3. on the new tab that opens, select "Xbox" then "Payment & purchases"
  4. click the chat option and wait to get connected to one of their team

from there you're on your own a bit unfortunately, some of them are quite nice, the first one i spoke to only took about 10 minutes to talk through the refund reasoning then give me the form link. the second guy i spoke to spent 2 hours giving me nothing (well he told me to go to a microsoft store to talk to them even though they're all closed) then had what i can only describe as a break down asking why i was blaming him for needing a refund and ended the webchat on me. also, its not obvious, but if the refund is denied you have to reply directly to the denial email to appeal the denial (which i got from the third person i spoke to).

anyway, hopefully the hours i've put into getting my £25 (or however much it was) back will save someone else some time. good luck, you'll need it.

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Sony has given me a complete refund. Not only in the form of ps store credit, but the money was transferred back to my PayPal. Necromunda has disappeared frim my library as well.
It was a hard bargain. In my last mail with them I repeated my claim but also asked for the official department for complains within Sony on how this situation was handled by the customer service. good luck, guys. I'm out.

focus, you know what's up.