Outpost mode is great...just not at night

The new sorely needed COOP mode, Outpost has arrived, and is indeed a breath of fresh air. A fun and challenging break from the endless Checkpoints and hilariously broken zombies that we've been playing on for literal years. The issue?
Night mode.
Night maps are difficult enough on normal gamemodes, but on Outpost it's absolutely unbearable. This gamemode is centered entirely around point management. The challenge
on day maps can be severe, but it's fair. So long as you keep your wits about you and the enemy in your sights, you'll be fine. But what if you're in a situation where you basically need three-points to even see? Outpost Night is just plain bad. The problem is the bots can see you, and for the first three rounds you cant. These night maps are SUPER dark. Pitch black at times, and when NODS are the difference between a rifle and vision, you're putting the player in a really tough spot. Flashlights are basically useless because they give away your position unless you turn them off 90% of the time, and also do little to help you spot the bot taking pot shots at you from another continent - in complete darkness. The two-point NODS are a help, but give you so much tunnel vision you'd be better off just looking for shapes in said darkness. The three and four-point NODS are...lets just be honest with ourselves here, basically necessary to see at night. The issue is your team is gonna be running around getting shot from across the map by a buncha bots who have REALLY been eating their freakin' carrots before you can gain enough points to even obtain the three/four-point NODS. It forces players to play really stupidly, and in a VERY un-fun manner just to get a pair of working eyes.
So, the issue? Needing points to be able to see, in the gamemode where you have no points is dumb and bad. The solution? Well personally I think the most elegant one would be to just make Lights/NODS free in Outpost ONLY. I don't think the across-the-map-IPSIC-champion robot players would complain very much about balancing. Plus it would allow my team to actually see them coming and gain enough of a foothold to fight them fairly, and you know, actually have a good time. Hopefully they either remove the night maps from Outpost or rebalance them somehow. Because as is, if I join an Outpost Map that takes place at night, I leave it as quickly as possible.

Though I guess until they do something about it, here's ol' Goose Teeth's special Tip of The Day: If you're on a night map, up your gamma to 5. It brightens the game to where you can basically see as if you were wearing the fancy colored four-point NODS, just without any of the distortion. But upping my Gamma just to even play night maps is not a proper solution. Pls devs, fix gaem plox. Wuv u ❤ ❤

~ From a concerned Goose

Nice post @Goose-Teeth, and I too use the "gamma hack" for near daytime vision on night maps.
Night maps should have at least 1 extra starting supply point, so you can put a flashlight on your rifle.
I did think about making the flashlight cost 0 supply, but then you can have a flashlight on every weapon, but starting supply of 3 is better IMHO.
Maybe @chaton can forward our feedback. 🙂